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Richard L.
2 years ago

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The food on the Boat Romantica was wonderful.

Kathy H
5 years ago

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This was our first "bike and sail" and we found it quite different than the "bike and barge" tours we have done in the past. There was less cycling (cycling distances were less than advertised and usually only in the morning or afternoon) and more cruising. However, cruising among the islands in a beautifully clear sea was an unexpected highlight... and often a welcome break after a morning or afternoon of moderate cycling! One hour walking tours before dinner at destination sites were interesting and appropriate.
The Croatian Coast and countryside is absolutely beautiful with it's small towns and marinas in every cove. Swimming off the boat was such a fabulous experience!
The Romantica was a lovely clean sailing yacht with good amenities. The rating scale for the "bike and sailing yachts" however is different than the "bike and barge" boats; Romantica was rated as "Comfort Plus" but we would consider it on the lower Leia Mais

C. Radcliffe
6 years ago

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Overall I was very pleased. Croatia is a beautiful country. The Romantica was perfect! Thank you to all the staff.