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randall r.
2 months ago

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  Fluvius Amsterdã a Bruges
Holanda, Bélgica

I was very disappointed with this trip! Not only were the cabins very small, they were completely enclosed with no external air flow systems. So, when one person in our group came down with COVID, it quickly spread to 4 more.

Since I had been rooming with one of the persons who tested positive, I offered to leave the trip [so I would not spread the virus to other customers] with the understanding that the ship's crew would pay for my hotel stay in Gent Belgium and the cab fare from the boat to the hotel. Moreover, I expected the crew to give me a refund for the portion of the trip I could not use [not the entire sum, but just what they would save on meals, etc.]. However, after packing my suitcase, isolating from the rest of the customers on board, and preparing to deboard, I was told than not only was the crew not going to pay for the items they said they would, the crew insisted that I pay a surcharge of another 30 Euros for increased fuel costs.

Johannes S.
1 year ago

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  Sarah Amsterdã a Maastricht

There was none. Due to the Covid situation we decided to cancel the trip. However we were not able to change the reservation to next year and ended up having to pay to get out of the deal. Not very nice and not very user friendly, Haven't heard any response to my earlier complain.

Robin W.
3 years ago

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  Sailing Home Tour das Tulipas no Sul da Holanda

Our guide was terrible!
The crew on the ship very nice.
Food excellent.

Ed Carroll
3 years ago

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Londres a Amsterdã
Inglaterra, França, Bélgica, Holanda

I did this "guided" bike tour from London to Amsterdam. There are many areas where improvement is needed.

We weren't given a map or App of the biking route as promised. We rode through many villages, resorts and towns from Dunkirk to Amsterdam but were not told the names of the towns, or the history of the towns - and we stopped only for "coffee breaks". When we asked what town we were in for the coffee breaks the guide was unable to tell us. We either used google maps or asked strangers where we were. Also, we biked past notable places of interest like the beach in Dunkirk where British troops were rescued during WWII - and the Dover Castle - but never stopped - even to take pictures. It was all about getting to the next hotel in time for dinner.

We weren't told the hotel we were staying in until we arrived at the hotel. We usually arrived at the hotel around 6pm and had little time to turn in our bikes for the night, get our Leia Mais

Jill L.
5 years ago

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  De Holland Tour Holanda do Norte

A number of things stand out. First, the size of the room (which was shown as 4 single beds but ended up being a tiny room with two bunkbeds where we could not all stand in the room). Second, the fact that after active days covering 50 Kms or more there was no water provided (a bottle of water was provided at breakfast only) and no food available in the hours before dinner. Third, all meals had to be taken at the same assigned table reducing any opportunity to mingle with other guests. Fourth, on an active holiday with healthy active people, the meals did not include any colorful vegetables. The staff were mostly lovely and the rides were picturesque, but the overall experience was not positive.