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  • Heidelberg to Strasbourg
    by Lorne Merryweather 9 years ago         Verified Reviewer

    I did this trip in early July 2011 with six friends and had a fantastic time. The routes were very, very good - just the right length, and through some wonderful, very scenic countryside. The journey included miles and miles of vineyards, several forests, and some long stretches along the Rhine. The towns we stayed in were easy and fun to explore, and the hotels were all excellent. All in all the trip went far beyond my expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others.



    Countries: França, Alemanha

  • Calcanhar da Itália
    by Caroline Thompson 9 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was a very interesting tour. Two cities have UNESCO World Heritage sites, and one day, riding along the coast, had one of the most stunning rides we have ever been on. (This was our 16th bike trip.)

    Countries: Itália

  • Ravel Bike Route
    by Barry in Portland 9 years ago         Verified Reviewer

    A splendid trip, scenic and varied, and just strenuous enough to justify a very large, cold beer at day's end. The Miro is very comfortable, the trip pace excellent, and the high-end bikes were fantastic. Namur was especially charming and the gardens at Annevoie not to be missed.

  • Around the IJsselmeer
    by Judith Goldstein 9 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    My 15 year old son and I biked around the IJsselmeer in April. We had a fantastic time. The Netherlands is gorgeous then and the weather was virtually perfect. We saw incredible water fowl, many sweet little lambs, gorgeous wisteria climbing up quaint old houses everywhere and beautiful fields of tulips and wildflowers. We stayed at very nice places, in historic, wonderfully preserved towns. We rented e-bikes, as I was concerned that, otherwise, some of the distances might be too much for my son. This was a great choice, even for me as some days the headwinds were strong, but when we used the bikes with the power off, they were just fantastic that way also.

    I will not go on and on as I'm sure my son, will want to post a comment and give you more details from his perspective. I will tell you though that approximately every half hour, while we were biking, he shouted out "I love Holland!" and I completely agreed.


    Countries: Holanda

  • País de Dali com Bicicleta de Estrada
    by Duane Kohut 9 years ago         Verified Reviewer

    My girlfriend and I rode the Dali Country Road bike trip May15-22, 2011. It was a perfect time of year to do so, and everything worked out very well. The bike shop in Girona is run by a great couple, and the bikes they rented us were excellent. As it wasa a self-guided tour, directions are important, and they were quite precise. I would recommend the luxury accommodations - the Historic Hotel in Girona is a highlight on all it's own! You ride nice coastal scenery, hit some nice beaches, and encounter very pleasant people. My girlfriend was nervous about the road biking aspect, but she soon loved it. I would class the riding as intermediate - no real killer hills - lots of small villages to explore. Plenty of riding and things to do to make this a wonderful vacation (except on vineyards). And the food and wine of Spain is fantastic. Enjoy!

    Countries: Espanha

  • Dalmácia de Dubrovnik Plus
    by Vivian and Dennis Williams 9 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was such an amazing adventure. We have done several bike and barge tours down rivers and canals but this is the first ocean island hopping trip and won't be the last. Everything about it was perfect: the beautiful scenery, the San Snova and it's crew, the bike riding and the food and great hospitality. Highly recommend it! Thanks Pack and Pedal for organizing it. Croatia: Southern Dalmation coast and the old walled city of Dubrovnik is a must. Dennis rode each day but I chose not too and the guides were so helpful to me in arranging things I could see and do as a non-rider. Loved it all!!!!

    Countries: Croácia

  • Veneza a Florença
    by Jim Elkan 9 years ago         Verified Reviewer

    Hennie, Carla and Mary,

    We just got back from our annual P&P European trip..This year it was Venice to Florence and I must say it was the best one we've had..P&P did their normal excellent job setting up the trip..Everything was great: the route, the hotels and the bike provisioner-Eurobike..The scenery was awesome, the stage lengths were just right to allow viewing the beautiful Italian countryside, sightseeing and still arrive in the next city ready to enjoy the sights and good food..

    I cannot say enough about Eurobike and their maps, route discripions and route markings..The markings almost totally eliminated the concern of missing a turn..The markings took us from one hotel to the next..We could have done the ride without maps!!

    Anyway, thanks for another great job and, as always, we are eagerly looking forward to next year's European trip with Pack and Pedal..(Our seventh one, I think.)

    Best regards,


    Countries: Itália

  • Provença - Luberon
    by Jen 9 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This trip was fabulous - perfectly organised, breathtaking scenery, great food, great riding - how could anyone possibly not have a smile on their face while cycling this.

    Thanks to you and the team for a wonderful holiday - I had a fabulous time, and will definitely be recommending to friends.

    Countries: França

  • Along the North Sea - a Tulip Tour
    by Debbie 9 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Very enjoyable trip but found the route descriptions hard to follow without detailed map to accompany them. This we rectified by purchasing locally but would have been useful to have at the outset. Would also recommend that bikes are supplied with clipboard on handlebars to make following the maps easier. Constantly stopping to check directions was tiresome. Very comfortable hotel and beautiful beach with stunning scenery. Lovely people and on this occasion .... stunning weather. Great fun

    Countries: Holanda

  • Bolzano a Veneza
    by Donna Buck 9 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Two Friends and I road this route in 2005. What a beautiful trip we had. I would highly recommend this tour for the trip is outstanding in the landscape and history. Venice as an end point was a great reward!

    Countries: Itália

  • Ao Redor do Lago Constança
    by Donna Buck 9 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This is a beautiful tour around the lake. My girlfriend and I road this several years ago (2004) and went back to the area for another partial trip around this summer to revisit with more friends. The scenery is beautiful and it is an easy ride with much to see! I love being near the water!

  • Cidades Famosas ao longo do Danúbio
    by Venema's 2010 9 years ago         Verified Reviewer

    A beautiful tour that we thoroughly enjoyed. Great food on the boat. We would not recommend the optional bike tours in Vienna or Budapest. The routes were very busy and there would be more flexibility to see inside buildings on foot; we only saw exteriors and felt very limited. The tour guide in Budapest spoke inadequate English and conveyed very minimal insights on what we were visiting.

  • Dalmácia de Dubrovnik Plus
    by Jan VandenHengel 9 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I just completed this tour and can't say enough good things about it. Cycling the Dalmatians and boating through the Adriatic is simply stunning. The crew and guides on our boat--the San Snova--were fantastic! Having personally travelled the world wide and far, I can say you won't regret this adventure.



    Countries: Croácia