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  • Pelo Danúbio – Passeio por quatro países
    by Jessica R. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The trip was amazing, the biking was very scenic and not difficult at all. The boat staff was very friendly and very upbeat. The food was to die for. I would recommend doing this trip you will really enjoy it.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Bruges a Amsterdã
    by Michael F. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We’ve traveled widely over the years, and this trip was among our favorite vacations. Most memorable was just the intimate sense the trip provided of the various cities, towns and villages along our route. That sense was amplified by the after-ride walking tours led by our guides. Good stuff, all.

    Boat: Magnifique

    Countries: Bélgica, Holanda

  • Praga a Dresden: Um Conto de Dois Rios.
    by Phil M. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Well organized tour led by personable, knowledgeable, and competent guides. Overall, a wonderful experience.

  • Vilas da Sicília - Siracusa, Vale de Noto e Vilas barrocas
    by Norbert G. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Good local staff!

    Countries: Itália

  • Pelo Danúbio – Passeio por quatro países
    by Ann R. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The scenery was wonderful and the biking very enjoyable. It was a nice balance between biking and being about to see the sights. Especially loved the day in Vienna. It was all lovely.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Bordeaux - Castelos, Rios & Vinho
    by Jon F. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The bike ride is what this trip was all about. Great rides with great friends! We had 60 or so people from the same town on this trip, Fort Collins Colorado so there was many good groups to ride with! Food was good beverages could be upgraded eg: more beer choices and better quality wine, by the end of the week I was tired of the choices. The trip was very organized and I would recommend it to anyone who wants see France in this unique way.

    Boat: Bordeaux

    Countries: França

  • Cruzeiro de Natal na Alemanha - Encanto e Magia a bordo do Merlijn
    by Tamra G. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Christmas Tour was a wonderful experience. The boat was beautiful, the beds were super comfortable, the rooms were spotless, the food was the best I have ever had on a barge trip, and the crew were all sweet, helpful and fun. As is typical on a trip like this, all the travelers became friends and we became quite fond of each other in just four days. Sad to leave but made for such a lovely time.
    I thought the cadence of the trip was vey nice and I enjoyed the tours. The tour in Dortmund wasn't overly exciting but perhaps there was just not that much to say about the area we were in. I did think it was valuable though because we needed to know where to go to see the markets, etc.
    I really liked Munster, I wish we could have had more time there. Maybe plan to arrive earlier and have a few more hours before Captain's dinner?
    Our captain took very good care of us, we felt safe and in good hands.

    Boat: Merlijn

    Countries: Alemanha

  • Koblenz a Saarburg
    by Thor M. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The scenery was beautiful, and all the bike paths were very well maintained. As expected the German towns we visited were charming. The Ship and crew were great. It was the end of the season, so while the bikes were in pretty good shape, most of them were probably ready for an annual maintenance/overhaul.
    Food on board was tasty, and plentiful. The accomodations on board were fine. Everything was very clean.
    The trip was very good value.
    We enjoyed our fellow guests, and as mentioned, the crew were friendly, accommodating and efficient.
    Tripsite did a good job of arranging the trip. If you towards the beginning or end of the season, be prepared for all weather, although it is all doable.

    Countries: Alemanha

  • Bruges a Paris ou Paris a Bruges
    by John M. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Every biking day was a new adventure which culminated in our finding our barge (Zwaantje) as if by magic; but in reality through the skill and navigation expertise of our fearless guide. Beautiful countryside, lovely quiet towns and the bustling town hall squares of the larger cities. Absolutely loved it. Our chef on board was a delight and the food was excellent featuring both local produce and an international flair. Very well looked after throughout.

    Boat: Zwaantje

    Countries: Bélgica, França

  • Venice to Florence
    by Nelson P. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    It was my 4th trip with Tripsite. There are some points I would like to mention- 1) Actually the company was Eurobike. No problem but I think I should know before. The others trips were with local company. Eurobike clients have an app with the route 2) The bikes wasn't so good 3) In others trips you offered me to rent helmet. In this trip nobody offered and I supposed there were helmets to rent. But Eurobike doesn't rent helmets. So I should bought. Since I doesn't have space in my luggage I let 2 helmets (mine and my wife) in the last hotel 3) The beginning of the Journey in Mestre was very difficult to find the route.
    Well apart from this 3 points the trip was Ok. I am wondering in my next trip If I am going with you or with Eurobike directly.

    Countries: Itália

    • Venice to Florence
      by Jehiel from Tripsite 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Staff

      Hi Nelson,
      Thanks for leaving this feedback. We are very proud of our partnerships and the relationships we form with our partners. You can see this information on the tour page above, you must have missed that detail.
      We mention in your pre-travel information that bike helmets are not included. Helmets are listed under "what to pack". To make this more clear, we have listed helmet under what's not included on this tour page.
      We are glad you enjoyed your trip and we would love to help you plan your next, whether it is in Europe or elsewhere!

      Countries: Itália

  • Maiorca
    by John B. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was our 6th European cycle trip and it was one of our favourites. Communication with Tripsite was excellent. The hotels we stayed in were very good ( a couple were exceptional!) They all served a really great breakfast ( above normal European standards).
    Bike transfer between hotels was perfectly done. For the most part the bike route took us on some of the nicest bike paths we have ever experienced in Europe. Occasionally however we found ourselves on some very busy roads. For these brief times we ended up walking our bikes as we did not feel safe.
    For the first time in our lives (we are in our sixties) we rented e-bikes.For most of this trip we just used to he regular gears supplied on the bikes .Occasionally however we encountered some fairly steep inclines and we were so happy we could engage the e-bikes!
    Our biggest issue on this trip was the written directions provided. Many times we found them to be quite confusing. We got lost and disoriented on numerous Read more… occasions.
    In fairness there were road closures due to construction. There were signs that had been knocked down.
    Providing a GPS unit would have been quite helpful.

    Countries: Espanha

  • Shakespeare Country and the Cotswolds
    by Karen K. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Best trip I can remember in ages! Tripsite handled everything beautifully, well organized and did their best to accomodate everyone. My first bike trip abroad and I will absolutely do more. I could only suggest, since we were on the left side of the road coming from another country, mirrors. Also, the phone case did not stay on the bike, within the first few hours. We made it work, used caution at all times and saw some amazing country side by bike. A bucket list item for sure!

    Countries: Inglaterra

  • Amsterdã a Bruges Tour de Bike
    by Don H. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The accommodations were perfect. All of the lodgings were comfortable, clean, and well appointed. They were located in the heart of the community. Our luggage was transferred from place to place in a timely manner. The bikes were comfortable and the bags easily fit everything we needed on the route.

    Countries: Holanda, Bélgica

  • Amsterdã a Bruges
    by Glenn S. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Its hard to single out one thing that was most memorable. The whole experience was really nice from the fine dining, excellent service from all members of the crew including our great tour guides Gus and Hans.

    Boat: Fluvius

    Countries: Holanda, Bélgica

  • Pelo Danúbio – Passeio por quatro países
    by Sandra S. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was the most amazing bike tour that I have been on. We had a guide, Axel, and that made the trip so relaxing because we didn't need to worry about where to meet the boat or language issues. Axel had lots of extra information along the trip. The boat was very relaxing. Dinner was excellent with choices for entrees every night. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this trip for families with children 12 or so, and seniors (an E bike can make a big difference.)

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Amsterdã a Bruges
    by William K. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Cycling through the countryside of the Netherlands and Belgium. The biking is on level terrain but occasionally you will be traveling into the wind. Be prepared to ride 25 to 32 miles per day.
    The dinners on the ship are wonderful.

    Boat: Magnifique III

    Countries: Holanda, Bélgica

  • Cycling in the Baltics - Vilnius to Tallinn
    by Ingrid C. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Goodness what a win! From start to finish it was great fun - the reasons we got lost were all due to over awe at our surroundings - maps and trip info were spot on from Baltics Tour guides. We were super lucky- the self guided bus was full, however Tripsite found space for our little gaggle of girls with the guided folks and what a super win that was! We had the best of everything - time to chat to everyone doing the same route on a large bus, meeting new, fun and interesting people, to being able to ride when and how we wanted (and to add on those 'get lost' extra miles), to having the added advantage of superb knowledgeable guides from the guided bus tour, it was all in all and exceptional trip! Although next time I may just opt for the e-bike option so that my panting doesn't hold me back from taking sturdy photos of wonderful scenery!
    Thanks guys-loved it and will be back to check out the next cycle destination - it's very highly recommended!

  • Tour das Tulipas - 8 Dias
    by Jane M. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was my first trip with Tripsite, and the competency, efficiency, and always there to answer questions is an A++++
    The most memorable part of the trip was every minute! The tour of an original windmill and the workings of the windmill..unforgettable. The trip was amazing and the weather was so cooperative. The guide, the captain of the barge, and oh, the chef....that man could cook!

    Boat: Elodie

    Countries: Holanda

  • Super Tulip Tour
    by Josephine H. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The most memorable part of the trip was that for one week I didn’t have to think about where we were going, how were we going to get there, what we were going to eat etc. A blissful seven days of pedaling in Holland with Burt, our guide making sure we were ok and enjoying the scenery. Just fun!

    Boat: Anna Antal

    Countries: Holanda

  • Bolzano – Mântua – Veneza
    by Carrie H. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Wonderful staff, great food, prompt assistance....overall just a wonderful trip!

    Boat: Ave Maria

    Countries: Itália

  • Ao longo do Danúbio – Passau a Viena
    by Henk G. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Nature, food, organisation
    Only BIG problem was engine trouble which delayed arrival in Passau by 5 hours and complicated the next part of our vacation

    Boat: Arlene II

    Countries: Áustria, Alemanha

  • Mainz to Cologne
    by Hanna W. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The food was outstanding!!
    The personnel very attentive, accommodating and courteous!!
    Unfortunately, due to dizziness which I encountered on the third day, I was unable to bike the remaining days. Therefore I enjoyed the boats ride.

    Boat: MS Arkona

    Countries: Alemanha

  • Amsterdã a Bruges
    by Rob W. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Beautiful and comfortable ship accommodations, fabulous meals, warm hospitality and excellent service staff. A wonderful trip!

    Boat: Magnifique II

    Countries: Holanda, Bélgica

  • Costa Prateada de Portugal
    by Doug S. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The tour was well organized and supported by the operators. Beautiful scenery, flat ride and wonderful food and drink. The hotels were excellent and showed thoughtfulness in their selection. Sergio was wonderful and handled a crash incident that we had very professionally. Thanks Sergio. Great ride we will use trip site again. D&J.

    Countries: Portugal

  • Pelo Danúbio – Passeio por quatro países
    by Jon B. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We very much enjoyed the trip. The staff/crew were very accommodating, and the biking was great. The only drawback was the problem with the rudder system, which led to our tour being altered, and us not being able to go to Budapest.

    Boat: Arlene II

  • Caminho de Santiago de E-BIKE
    by João V. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The trip was wonderful, the energy of the people all the way is fantastic. The Torres del Rio hotel impressed by its beauty and harmony with nature. Arriving at Santiago de Compostela Square crowned the tour, all the people praying and prising God, it´s very amazing trip. The tripsite agent, Sergio was very attentive.

    Countries: Portugal, Espanha

  • Tour Rio Elba e Praga
    by May B. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Great traveling companions and great boat and food!

    Boat: Florentina

  • Pelo Danúbio – Passeio por quatro países
    by Peggy O. 2 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Great biking and lovely boat.

    Boat: MS Carissima