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  • Danube Bike Path - Donaueschingen to Ulm
    by Laura D. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We loved cycling along the Donnau river cycle path. The cycle path was excellent - flat, scenic and not on roads.

    Countries: Alemanha

  • Amsterdam to Maastricht
    by Maureen W. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Most Memorable Part: The gardens at Achen. Huge and impressive. But you need to get there before 3.30 to do them justice. No entry after 4.00/4.30

    Boat: Sarah

    Countries: Holanda

  • Along the Danube - Passau, Bratislava, and Vienna
    by Dennis H 6 months ago         Verified Reviewer

    The Theodor Korner is an older boat. A little loud sometimes with the bedrooms a little small. Otherwise, the dining room, the lounge, other areas – all were fine. The meals, both breakfast and dinner, were very good. The staff were friendly and helpful. And the tours, whether guided or on your own, were very-well organized and led.

    One problem with the Bike and Boat tour – the bikes. I do not consider them well-maintained. Mine had bad brakes and wobbly steering, leading to accidents. And the “sailors” responsible for maintaining them did not seem to have much of an interest in doing so. They were the least helpful people on the boat; it wasn’t even close.

    Would I go on another B&B tour? Yes, overall it was a lot of fun. Would I take the Theodor Korner? Maybe. Would I recommend that a biker INSIST upon a good working bike – no matter what you have to do, who you have to talk to? Absolutely.
    And good luck on your trip.

  • Bruges a Amsterdã
    by Carol T. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I have visited Amsterdam 3x so was well acquainted with the City, but for someone who has never been there before I would strongly recommend they plan extra time before or after the trip to Explore

    I loved Brugge and had never visit before I wish I had allowed more days there

    Packed smartly but the key is layers & several bike shorts/capri's as the weather is changeable

    Boat: Fluvius

    Countries: Bélgica, Holanda

  • Highlights of Dalmatia E-Bike and Boat
    by Richard R. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The use of e-bikes allowed us to make this trip. As "flatlanders" we were able to enjoy the magnificent scenery and majestic views as we traversed the extremely hilly islands. Croatia is a very beautiful country and the availability of fresh seafood is wonderful. The guides were more than helpful and knowledgeable. They had a great sense of humor. The crew was friendly and attentive and the food was plentiful, excellently prepared and presented..
    The only disappointments were that there wasn't any shower gel provided which made for a last minute purchase before departure. The other being that have been on many bike-boat tours and coffee, tea, and water(hot and cold) have always been provided at no charge. It is not so on the Harmonia. With the exception of breakfast, all had to be purchased. Despite this, we had a wonderful time.

    Boat: Harmonia

    Countries: Croácia

  • Mosel and Saar
    by Stephen M. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was a great trip - many great memories. Most memorable? - I rated it a 4 because we were stuck with the bow cabin on the Zwaan and no one should be given that cabin if they don't expressly want it - too small and too difficult to get in and out - and a much different standard than the other cabins on the boat. We are two taller, older people and the least suited for that cabin, but because we were the last to board we were stuck with it. We were told by Tripsite that we were getting a different cabin but that didn't happen.

    Boat: Zwaan

    Countries: Alemanha

  • Provence - A Natureza de Camargue
    by Catherine Ann H. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Cycling through historic monuments and the Camargue wilderness was magnificent!

    Boat: Caprice

    Countries: França

  • Tour Lorena
    by Prosper B. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The scenery, the fellow riders the entire experience was so rewarding.
    The boat however left a lot to be desired. The dining room windows were small and you felt confined. The food was below what i’ve experienced on my 6 other tripsite bike/barge tours.

    Boat: La Belle Fleur

  • Pelo Danúbio – Passeio por quatro países
    by Mary Joanne T. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The efficiency of collecting and dropping off the bike at the beginning and the end of the day could not have gone smoother. The guidebooks were very helpful though it would have been nice to have more information on sights along the way. The bikes were extremely comfortable and we had no issues. We are already planning on our next tour!

  • Passeio de bicicleta de Passau a Budapeste na ciclovia do Danúbio
    by Phil C. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    My trip from Passau to Budapest was what I hoped it would be. The original information and directions were excellent. However there was almost no communication with Rad+Riesen once the trip started. This was not really a problem except for one day when my hotel was changed without notifying me until I arrived at the wrong hotel. Luggage transfer was smooth and breakfasts were good. Generally a very positive experience with a bit of adventure. The trip from Passau to Vienna was smoother than from Vienna to Budapest in all aspects, but both were memorable and enjoyable.

  • Ao Redor do Lago Constança
    by Susan P. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I loved biking though the country side and seeing the small towns along the way. I wish I could have spent a little more time in the small towns. I kind of felt like I had to keep moving. The bike trail itself was very well marked and I really didn't need to use the map much. Just looked where I was going next and how far it was that was really all I needed to get around. The people were lovely. We enjoyed meeting other bikers on their bike trip many from England and having a beer with them at our destination. The hotels were all great, most in historic buildings that have been redone to modern standards. This was my first bike trip would defiantly take another one, but would pay the extra money to get an e-bike.

  • Vilas da Sicília - Siracusa, Vale de Noto e Vilas barrocas
    by Maria Luiza L. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The cities of Noto, Syracuse, and Modica. The architecture, atmosphere, and food...

    Countries: Itália

  • Pelo Danúbio – Passeio por quatro países
    by Glenn M. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We really enjoyed the biking. Most the trails were very nice and the scenery was beautiful.The most memorable part was probably the Wachau Valley. The bikes were very good. The rooms on the boat were good and the food was also plentiful and tasty.We enjoyed the entertainment put on by the crew.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Veneza a Florença
    by Neil M. 6 months ago         Verified Reviewer

    We loved the small roads and bike paths often used to take us in to the villages. The accommodations were well placed in the towns with easy access to restaurants.
    Most memorable was the last day (finding the climb quite the challenge ) but the exhilarating run down worth it .

    To mention more signage in busy areas would be appreciated to put one at ease.

    Countries: Itália

  • Ao Redor do Lago Constança
    by Donna L. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The beauty. Flowers were in bloom, the orchards were full of apples, the green hillsides were gorgeous.
    The booklet we received would have been more helpful if received beforehand. The directions could have been much clearer, especially to the hotels.

  • Krakow and Southeast Poland
    by Sveinn O. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Well worth time. good tracks beautiful landscape. we started 3 hour trip in przmysl very nice town that is not on map going to top of town hill panoramic wiew. hotel in korczowa we got dessert first than main course :). staff in training

    Countries: Polônia

  • Ao longo do Rio Danúbio- O poderoso Canyon do Iron Gates
    by kirk g. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Best Parts: cruising, dining, kitchen, bar, admin, cleaning staff - wonderful, friendly, helpful. couldn't be better
    food - very good variety and quality. lunches especially good
    cycling and tour director and staff - excellent every day with information, quality equipment, attention to questions
    ship public facilities - quite adequate quality and quantity. updating on decor is needed
    hotel staff - very nice, accommodating and efficient
    hotel - needs cleaning, air conditioning was not working every day, which was a problem. air quality was not great. updated decor is needed.

    Boat: Theodor Körner

  • Danube Delta
    by Lorna M. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Really knowledgeable guides who were good company. Interesting week cycling, sailing along the Danube, finding out about flora and fauna, wine tasting... has a fabulous time

    Countries: Romênia

  • Pelo Danúbio – Passeio por quatro países
    by Adrienne N. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Best Part? Biking along the Danube the first day in the beautiful countryside. Spectacular!!

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Pelo Danúbio – Passeio por quatro países
    by Cathy K. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The biking was absolutely wonderful; so incredibly beautiful especially through the vineyards and orchards. The ride around Bratislava was not marked well at all and 90% of the riders got lost going in all different directions, thank God for smart phones. The food on board was well prepared, always hot and nutritional. Where this trip fell short was the crew abroad the Normandie. Unlike the other TWO Bike and Barge Trips I experienced, this crew was a bit unwelcoming, rude, and times condescending and scolding. Not everyone but it certainly was the feel on the boat and many were talking about it. I know the crew work long hours and they all have to help with most tasks on the boat; however, there would be nothing to do if WE weren't there. I absolutely love this way of travel and will do another one again very soon. This was NOT a Tripsite issue but am hopeful this information will be passed to the appropriate people. Tripsite has been excellent in providing information Read more… and always seems to offer a great deal.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Tour De Bike Pelo Danúbio - Viena a Budapeste
    by Patrice W. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I loved the convenience of all the planning and coordinating by Tripsite which allowed my party to really enjoy the biking, hotels and experience of the trip. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and care of the bikes which could make or break of this trip. Working with Tripsite was easy and pleasant.

  • Wolfsburg to Koblenz
    by Mike C. 6 months ago         Verified Reviewer

    Our experience was simply exceptional! The shared experience and fellowship created new friendships. The Merlijn was an exceptional venue for seeing Germany and our hosts took great care of us. We got great value for our travel dollar and created terrific memories that will bring lasting joy.

    Boat: Merlijn

    Countries: Alemanha

  • Istria
    by Kenneth S. K. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The trip was rated easy to moderate! I would rate it moderate to hard! If you do this boat trip- get an electric bike! Parts of the bike riding were on roads with traffic and on gravel roads!

    The guides were great and fun! The scenery and town were wonderful!

    Boat: Tarin

    Countries: Croácia

  • Ao longo do Rio Danúbio- O poderoso Canyon do Iron Gates
    by Scott S. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The Cycling and travel along the Danube River. Still more markings on the Bike routes.

    Boat: Theodor Körner

  • Ao longo do Rio Danúbio- O poderoso Canyon do Iron Gates
    by Roger P. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Most Memorable Part: Food & last day of riding + Vienna

    Boat: Theodor Körner

  • Amsterdã a Bruges
    by Dane G. 7 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Did the Amsterdam to Bruges bike & barge tour on the Tijdgeest. My wife & I had a great experience. Arje was a great guide & the entire boat crew made it a fantastic trip. The riding was quite easy & the evening city tours fun & informative. Would recommend to anyone
    Thanks All
    Dane & Kim

    Boat: Tijdgeest

    Countries: Holanda, Bélgica

  • Kvarner Bay E-Bike and Boat
    by Joseph S. 7 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    As always, Croatia excels!! The towns, the people and the unbelievably clean, warm waters were great!! Our guides and boat crew were also wonderful. For us, this trip had too much boat time and not enough bike time. For others, they enjoyed the ride and the scenery. We would also recommend stopping at the old penal colony rather than the mile walk into a state park as it was very pretty but no more so than most of the coast lines we had already seen. Thanks for a great trip - we will be back for a different tour next May.

    Boat: Andela Lora

    Countries: Croácia

  • Parques Nacionais da Dalmácia
    by Richard L. 7 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The food on the Boat Romantica was wonderful.

    Boat: Romantica

    Countries: Croácia

  • Danúbio de Bike - Passau a Viena
    by Tom H. 7 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Great trip this segment of the Danube cycle path is nearly 100% paved and very smooth. It is relatively easy to follow the cycle path route markings. The GPS maps I was sent did not work for this segment. They worked fine from regensburg to passau so probably not user error. The cycle path is really popular with cyclists but never too crowded even though not everyone has good bike handling skill so you need to pay attention. Maps provided to hotels are not very good however people I talked to with other trip companies had the same issues and in several different languages people we met were helpful and anxious to provide
    information. Hotels were all very pleasant and comfortable even though it was very hot and they did not have air conditioning.

    Countries: Alemanha, Áustria

  • Pelo Danúbio – Passeio por quatro países
    by Sarah H. 7 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We really enjoyed Wachau. Definitely stop for the wine tour, and enjoy the biking through the vineyards. It was absolutely beautiful.

    Boat: MS Carissima