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    by Yael U. 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    My third trip booked through and my third wonderful summer of biking! Three years ago, We traveled through Provence Villages. Last year through Slovenia and Croatia, and this year through Three Counties - Netherland, Belgium and Germany. We have LOVED each of these explorations: countrysides, villages, forests, inns, seasides, agriculture, architecture and delicacies. The days were never dull, they were not too difficult, they filled us with a sense of peace and joy. We completed our trip in Europe excited to dream of where our next Tripsite adventure might take us!

  • Tour de Três Países
    by Cheryl Williams 5 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Hello some feedback from our bike trip to better the experience.

    We had a flat tire and the bike pumps didn't work. We were in a group of four and none of them worked. Also there were no tire tubes! Should we have taken some with us? If so I didn't read that suggestion in the info provided.

    We only had two saddlebags
    No knobs on kick stands
    No stem caps
    Odometers only worked on one bike and one bike didn't have one at all
    Bells didn't work on all bikes
    The handle bars were loose on one bike and that was quite worrisome going down hills
    On the bike trip from Dresden to Wittenburg we did a couple of years ago we were sized to our bike by a nice gentle man who took the time to explain aspects of the bike and we appreciated his efforts. We didn't have that attention this time so wondered if the bikes actually were road worthy, especially when we came to facing a fairly challenging route. The feed back from the bike Read more… shop in Huckelhoven was that the man caring for the bikes or owning the bikes was not as committed to his responsibilities to do so.. Just a comment they passed on and I am passing on to you.

    We do appreciate the ease with which to book these bike trip through emails on line etc.
    the hotel people along the trip were so friendly and accommodating and made us feel very welcome.