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Tom L.
2 years ago

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The Quo Vadis was super! The food, accommodations, staff and bikes were all terrific.
However, we were unprepared for the traffic and city riding intensity. Marsha is an experienced recreational rider but had no idea how to deal with traffic. She completed the first day and began another, but turned back after the first half kilometer and packed it in after that. City traffic and congested cycling is something only urban folks experience, so we and others were unprepared. We were were really expecting a leisurely paced scenic tour, not the frantic paced marathon we got. The trip was listed as easy, but a 12 mph average speed for 36 miles is ridiculous for most recreational cyclists, especially when you’re there for scenery and cultural experience along with cycling.
Additionally, once you start for the day, there is no practical way to drop our.
So, if we were to look for another bike barge trip, we would be looking for:
Quo Vadis or equal
20-25 mile Leia Mais