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A bike tour in Albania, what better way to explore the wonders? Come explore sun-drenched Albania by bike and discover its beauty while it is still under the radar as a travel destination! Situated between Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Greece, Albania has more than 450 km of coastline, dramatic landscapes, and boasts 300 days of sun, making it a perfect place to cycle. To bike Albania is like travelling back in time with its rugged mountains, hilltop palaces, and commanding fortifications that span centuries. Its rural villages cling to the traditional ways and its ancient stone-built towns are a symbol of this country's enduring way of life.

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Albanian Highlights Photo

Albanian Highlights Albania 5/5 (2 reviews)2020 Self-Guided tour: Arrival possible daily from … This guided or self-guided bike tour in Albania will raise your heart rate in more ways than one! This diverse tour will lead you from the tranquil beauty of …

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Length10 days
Multi-Adventure in Montenegro, Macedonia, and Albania Photo

Multi-Adventure in Montenegro, Macedonia, and Albania Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania 2020 Arrival possible on any day. Best time to … We told you we would offer multi-adventure in the Balkans and now we deliver. This tour has it all and you can cross off every adventure on your bucket list …

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Length10 days