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Adventure travel in Cuba? Is it even possible? Yes, it is and there is no other place quite like it. With the most recent changes in relations between the US and Cuba, traveling here is now permitted for 12 categories of travel. Let us help you go!

But, why go? Here are a few reasons we can think of:

  • Cuba is exotic and very beautiful
  • Cuban music is unique, exhilerating and like the history and culture, infused with Spanish and African influences
  • Cuban food is eclectic
  • Cuba boasts nine Unesco World Heritage sites
  • And Six Unesco bisophere reserves
  • Cuba has a sub tropical climate and pristine beaches to enjoy it!
  • Cuba is a world leader in sustainable ecological practices
  • Cuba has cigars
  • And of course, the iconic classic cars

But the most important reason to visit Cuba, is the people!

Cuba All Bike Tours


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