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The Republic of India is a vast South Asian country with diverse terrain – from Himalayan peaks to lush tea plantations to the vast coastline of the Indian Ocean – and history reaching back 5 millennia. In this enchanted land, you will find the Taj Mahal, exquisite cuisine (curry, yes, saffron, yes, spicy, most probably), eleborate jewelry, colorful garments, people and more people. cows and more cows, spirituality (Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism), lively Festivals and dances, competitive Cricket, and exotic spices. The land will transform you. The people will move you.

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Exotic Kerala, India Photo

Exotic Kerala, India India 5/5 (1 review)2020 October through February   India! How do we begin to describe a bike tour in India? It is a country that is an exotic blend of color, charm, and, yes...chaos. However, this bike tour in …

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Length14 days
Kerala, India, Bike and Boat Photo

Kerala, India, Bike and Boat India Tour is available Saturdays on request with a minimum … A bike and boat tour in India? Here at Tripsite, we love to find new biking and boating experiences and this amazing Kerala Bike and Boat tour provides a …

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TourBike + Boat
Length7 days
Palaces and Fortresses of Rajasthan, India Photo

Palaces and Fortresses of Rajasthan, India India 2020:  Sundays: January 19, February 16, March 15, … Cycling in Rajasthan, India, is not only a bike tour through unsurpassed color, but is a feast for all the senses. It is India's largest state and some say, …

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Length14–15 days
Rural Kerala, India Photo

Rural Kerala, India India 5/5 (3 reviews)2020 Departures every Saturday in January, February, … Your bike tour through rural Kerala, India will feature routes splashed with peaceful stretches of backwaters and canals, serene beaches, exotic wildlife, …

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Length8 days