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Norway stretches into the Arctic North Cape and shares most of its Eastern border with Sweden, but also reaches and touches Finland and Russia. Its western Fjords and mountains offer some of the most stunning scenery in Northern Europe and some of the most rewarding cycling. Norway is known more for its winter sports than bicycle tours, but we consider it only a matter of time.

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Oslo Fjord Photo

Oslo Fjord Norway, Sweden 5/5 (1 rating)This tour will not be offered in 2020. Please take a … This bicycle tour in Norway will take you around the fjord leading up to Oslo, the capital of Norway. A fjord is formed when a glacier retreats, carving a …

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TypeSelf Guided
Length7 days
Sognefjorden - Bike Norway’s King of the Fjords Photo

Sognefjorden - Bike Norway’s King of the Fjords Norway Daily arrivals possible from mid May through until mid … This bike tour and breathtaking experience starts in Bergen, Norway, one of the major hanseatic cities in Europe and an important trade center throughout the …

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TypeSelf Guided
Length8 days