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Named after King Philip II of Spain, the Philippines consists of 7,107 islands that make for an exceptionally adventurous bike tour! This archipelago boasts some of the world's longest coastlines adorned with some of the most beautiful beaches in addition to active volcanoes, coral-rich waters, and dense tropical forests. The country is about 94% Christian (mostly Roman Catholic) due to its long Spanish history. It is where the yo-yo and karaoke were invented, and where you'll find the famous Rice Terraces of Northern Luzon.

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Island Hopping in the Philippines Photo

Island Hopping in the Philippines Philippines 2020 January 5, February 2, April 5, September 6, and … With 7,107 islands that make up this archipelago in South-East Asia, the Philippines is the perfect setting for this island-hopping bike tour. From the long …

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Length13 days