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Slovakia easily gets forgotten amongst its larger neighbors: Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine. However, it is a gorgeous country to see on a bicycle. Nestled against the Carpathian Mountains, a bike tour in Slovakia is full of castles, restored palaces, ruins, and vineyards.  You'll see historical churches in almost every village and town as well as well preserved folk architecture.  Check out all of our bike tours in Slovakia!

If you are looking to bike outside the eastern block, take a look at our featured bike and barge tours, or our full list of bicycle tours.

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Along the Danube - Four Country Tour Photo

Along the Danube - Four Country Tour Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary 4.6/5 (326 reviews)Deluxe Class Boats PRIMADONNA FRIDAYS: May 8, May 15, … This bike and boat tour along the Danube River has proven to be one of our most popular bike tours and with good reason. Between the Austrian and Hungarian …

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TourBike + Boat
Length8 days
Along the Danube-Iron Gates Photo

Along the Danube-Iron Gates Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania 3.8/5 (16 reviews)2020 Deluxe Class Boat CARISSIMA: LIMITED … We are pleased to offer this adventure-packed bike and boat tour through six countries with widely differing cultures that reveal the beauty of the majestic …

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TourBike + Boat
Length15 days

Slovakia Boats + Barges

Normandie Photo

Normandie Austria, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia Comfort Class Boat New bicycles for the 2019 season Last refurbished in 2011, the Normandie has a total of forty-nine 2-bed cabins and two single cabins with one bed. The cabins are equipped with two lower beds, shower / toilet, shampoo and soap, TV, safe, hairdryer, central air conditioning and panoramic windows. The windows on the upper deck can be opened. The beds during the day turn into sofas. The 1-bed cabins have a lower bed. On the upper deck you will find the cozy Panorama Lounge with bar and on the main deck, a lovely restaurant.

Primadonna Photo

Primadonna Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary Deluxe Class Boat Experience the elegance of the MS Primadonna, with spacious decks, spa facilities, restaurant, bar, atrium and much more, on a cycling holiday without having to pack and unpack each day. Your boat will await you at your destination every day. You can also feel free to spend some of your time on board where you can enjoy the Jacuzzi on the outdoor deck or the spa area, which is equipped with Jacuzzi, sauna, Kneip basin, etc. All meals on this Austrian cruise line are freshly cooked and have a particular emphasis on regional and organic products.

Carissima Photo

Carissima Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania Deluxe Class Boat A deluxe vessel for touring along the Danube, the Carissima offers an inviting and comfortable atmosphere on board that will make your journey unforgettable!

Arlene II Photo

Arlene II France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary Deluxe Class Boat The Arlene II, formerly the Arlene, was upgraded before the 2018 season. All cabins on the vessel are outside featuring en-suite facilities with shower and hair dryer, TV, safe, and individually controlled air-conditioning.

Arkona Photo

Arkona Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia Deluxe Class Boat The Arkona is new to our program and was refurbished in the winter of 2017/2018. Both the upper and the main deck hold comfortable cabins of 11 m² which are modernly and tastefully furnished. All cabins feature hotel-style beds, en-suite facilities with shower and hair dryer, TV, safe and individually controlled air conditioning.

Fortuna Photo

Fortuna Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary Deluxe Class Boat Deluxe class boats are very nicely furnished 5-star ships featuring large cabins with low beds, private bathrooms, a large dining area, separate saloon, and more.