Spain Bike + Barge Tours

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Our only bike boat tour in Spain takes you through the Baeleric Islands of Mallorca, Cabrera, Ibiza, and Formentera.

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Spain Bike + Barge Tours


Balearic Islands Photo

Balearic Islands Spain 4.5/5 (2 ratings)2018Mallorca to Ibiza: August 26 and September 23, … Come experience a bike and boat tour in Spain and explore the best known and most popular group of islands in Europe! The holiday includes an Ibiza bike tour - …

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Length8 days

Spain Boats + Barges

Sir Robert Baden Powell Photo

Sir Robert Baden Powell Spain Comfort Class Boat The Sir Baden Powell is a two masted sailing vessel built in Magdeburg in 1957 as the tugboat Robert. Captain Boerner recognized that the solid hull and advantageous lines predestined the tugboat for conversion into a sailing ship. This topscale schooner manifests not only sailing elegance but is also appreciated for her excellent maneuvering capabilities. She 4 comfort cabins and 2 standard cabins.

Atlantis Photo

Atlantis Spain Comfort Plus Class Boat This 3-masted sailing vessel was built in 1905 and reconstructed in 2005. The unique charm of the Atlantis is due to the caring maintenance of the owner and his crew who already sailed this vessel around the world. It is always an adventure when the crew sets sail with the help of their guests and when the proud barque begins to move through the water.