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A bike or bike and boat tour in Vietnam will take you back in time with its unspoiled culture and amazing cuisine! Part of the Indochina Peninsula, the country is long and narrow (at one point only 30 miles wide) and boasts a 1,000-mile coastline. Thirty some parks and reserves have been set up in the country, which houses many rare animals, including the Indochinese Tigers and Sumatran Rhinos. Its shoreline is dotted with massive rock outcroppings, and the locals pride themselves on their fresh seafood, homegrown coffee, and seasonal fruits. What better way to see and taste it all than via a bike or bike & boat tour! Bicycle to the famous cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) as well as many smaller villages off the beaten path. Cycle Vietnam through the packed marketplaces to quiet side roads and cruise along the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site Halong Bay.

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Vietnam All Bike Tours


Saigon to Bangkok Photo

Saigon to Bangkok Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand 5/5 (2 ratings)2018 DatesMay 6, June 10, July 1, July 29, August 26, … This bike tour in Southeast Asia explores three fascinating countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Beginning in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly ​Saigon, this …

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Length14 days
Vietnam Photo

Vietnam Vietnam, Cambodia 5/5 (5 ratings)2018 DatesMarch 11, March 25, October 28, November … This bike and boat tour in Vietnam uncovers the hidden beauty of Eastern Asia, a unique country blessed with astonishing beauty; soaring mountains, magnificent …

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Length15 days