Bahía de Kvarner

Croacia Tours en Bicicleta + Barco

Viaje en bici por Croacia y las islas de la Bahía de Kvarner

1 year ago

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Getting up every morning to a delicious breakfast buffet on the boat, followed by a scenic and exhilarating bicycle ride through gorgeous countryside was fabulous. The locations chosen were ideal. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. I’d book another bicycle trip in a heartbeat. It’s best to read about the terrain and difficulty level of the rides before you go and train accordingly. Best trip ever!!

Marilyn M.
1 year ago

Revisor Verificado

Kvarner Bay tour from Omisalj. Wonderful memories aboard The Linda. The crew, our knowledgeable and every language speaking tour guides Ana and Kristofor, the food, the sites, the wonderful passengers we met from around the world. The weather was in our favor and the crew adapted to make sure our experience was safe and that we could ride our bikes as much as possible without too much of a rough ride on the seas. Thank you so much! Marilyn

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