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El corazón de Holanda

Holanda Tours en bicicleta y barco

Ciclismo y turismo en barco por las ciudades históricas de Holanda a través del corazón verde de Holanda central y su parte sur.

  • Ver los detalles del tour en la página de inglés, la traducción de este tour está en progreso y será actualizada prontamente.

  • 2019

    Twin/doble: NOK 14060 $ 1,687 $ 2250 $ 2,556 1480 £ 1269 kr 12978 Cabina Single: Solo a pedido no puede ser garantizada


    Tipo de cabinaTemporada altaTemporada Baja
    Camas twin NOK 8873 $ 1,065 $ 1420 $ 1,613 934 £ 801 kr 8190 NOK 8018 $ 962 $ 1283 $ 1,458 844 £ 723 kr 7401
    *Twin para uso single NOK 12008 $ 1,441 $ 1921 $ 2,183 1264 £ 1083 kr 11084 NOK 10868 $ 1,304 $ 1739 $ 1,976 1144 £ 981 kr 10032
    **Triple 1 cama cucheta/litera NOK 8018 $ 962 $ 1283 $ 1,458 844 £ 723 kr 7401 NOK 7163 $ 860 $ 1146 $ 1,302 754 £ 646 kr 6612

    *Una single por partida
    **La tercera cama es una cucheta/litera (70 x 180 cm) y solo es para un ninio de hasta 40 kg de peso.

    Lena Maria:
    Tipo de cabinaTemporada altaTemporada Baja
    Camas twin NOK 9348 $ 1,122 $ 1496 $ 1,700 984 £ 843 kr 8629 NOK 8493 $ 1,019 $ 1359 $ 1,544 894 £ 766 kr 7840
    Twin para uso single NOK 12483 $ 1,498 $ 1997 $ 2,270 1314 £ 1126 kr 11523 NOK 11343 $ 1,361 $ 1815 $ 2,062 1194 £ 1023 kr 10470

    *Una single por partida

    Temporada alta:
    Mayo 18, Mayo 25, Junio 29, Julio 6, Julio 27, Agosto 17, Agosto 31, y Septiembre14, 2019
    Temporada Baja:
    Septiembre 21 y Septiembre 28, 2019
    Lena Maria 
    Temporada alta​​​​​​​:
    Mayo 11, Junio 15, Junio 22, Agosto 31, Septiembre 7, y Septiembre 14, 2019



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Salidas de los tours

Mayo 11, 2019
Temporada Alta:
Mayo 18, Mayo 25, Junio 29, Julio 6, Julio 27, Agosto 17, Agosto 31, y Septiembre 14, 2019
Temporada baja:
September 21 and September 28, 2019
Lena Maria 
High Season:
May 11, June 15, June 22, August 31, September 7, and September 14, 2019
Low Season:
September 21, 2019





Duración8 días
Desde844 Precios

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Comentarios de viajeros

  • Elsie R. 6 days ago

    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the “Heart of Holland” Bike and Barge Trip aboard the Lena Maria. I was a party of four ladies (3 Canadians and 1 USA) whose trip began on May 11. We had a fantastic trip.

    Our guide, Francien, was excellent! She did an excellent job of leading the biking events...stopping for breaks when needed and keeping us moving at a comfortable pace. The evening “Next Day” sessions gave us a good idea of what to expect the next day. The stops at the 17 windmills, the cheese factory, and the flower auction site added to the day’s plan. The two evening guided city walks gave us time to explore onfoot, too. Lastly, Francien kept close watch on her biking group while leading us through city traffic and country roads. The biking trip was an excellent way to see the countryside.

    The crew on the Lena Maria was excellent...the food was wonderful (great Chef!) and the hostess was very welcoming. The barge was a Read more… very welcome sight at the end of a day of biking:-)

    I am pleased to say that this 72-year old lady biked every day of the trip without needing an electric bike! In fact, I just might take another bike and barge trip. Many of my friends have expressed interest in joining our next adventure!

    Thanks again!

    Barco: Lena Maria

  • Yun S. 1 year ago

    Best Parts: Easy booking process, online Q & A instant answers. Safe bike routes, great time on bikes!

    Barco: Flora (Jelmar)

  • Bruce N. 2 years ago

    Most Memorable Part: Biking the rural/countryside of Holland

    Barco: Flora (Jelmar)

  • Shirley 2 years ago

    We just completed this trip (may 13 - 20), and loved the experience. The rural scenery was so lovely - however if you are looking for more than peaceful pastures and canals for 6 days, then this might not be the trip for you. The first day of biking was into a strong wind for 55 km which made it very challenging. I would recommend an e-bike! The bikes were very heavy, the gears changed easily, the saddlebags and bike locks worked very well. Although we had maps, 2 GPS, a discussion of the route by the captain....we still got lost every time we went through a city. There were several times that the map showed a road number however that number was not found on the road signs. The food was served family style and was plentiful. The boat was small but suitable for the 19 passengers, the bathrooms were tiny but there was plenty of hot water for showers.
    Negatives - no ice for our water bottles; no fans or air conditioning for the couple of days that were extremely hot; our rooms Read more… were never cleaned; the captain tended to be curt; the maps were not always accurate.

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El corazón de Holanda Barcos

Flora (Jelmar) Foto

Flora (Jelmar) Holanda Clase de barco Standard El Jelmar, recientemente renovado durante el invierno del 2006/2007 cuenta con 10 cabinas twin, con camas a nivel, lavatorio de manos, ducha y toilette, y una cabina con cama cucheta/litera. El barco está listo para recibir a los pasajeros y navegar por Holanda.

Lena Maria Foto

Lena Maria Bélgica, Holanda Clase de barco Standard Los barcos de clase Standard tienen camarotes con literas y baños privados.