Koblenz a Merzig

Alemania Tours en Bicicleta + Barco

Viaje en bici y barco a lo largo de los ríos Moselle y Saar

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Cameron B.
1 month ago

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The visit to Burg Eltz was fantastic. If I could suggest, it is worth having it be the focus of an entire day, as going and coming back involves a relatively strenuous walk, as well as a ride.

Gary & Rosanna S.
2 months ago

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Our most memorable part of the trip was the lovely riding along the Mosel and Saar with our family. As well as, the wonderful hospitality of the Flora crew (Berthus, Jonne, Christiana, Stephan) and great conversations with our guide, Wieger.

Our suggestion/tips for others would be: be prepared for intimate living quarters with others and enjoy the bike riding through a beautiful part of Germany. It is about the journey, not the destination. And, DO take the tour at Burg Elz!

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