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Gail S.
11 months ago

Revisor Verificado

The staff of the Vita Pugna, Michela, Esther, Danilo & Sam were superb!! They ensured our experience was a great one from the fabulous food to the wonderful guiding while cycling.
The weather cooperated for the most part as it was in the latter part of October, but I would suggest if possible to go earlier in the season.

Beverly V.
11 months ago

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Back on the boat with all of the new friends you had made during the bike ride watching photographs on the big screen of the day you had just experienced.
Our guide, Michaela, made us a cohesive group from the very first night when she said that we must mix and mingle throughout the trip and meet everyone on the barge. She also challenged us to find a secret word somewhere during the day and record it on film

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