Metz a Cochem

Francia, Luxemburgo, Alemania Tours en Bicicleta + Barco

Pedalea a través de 3 países a lo largo del rio Moselle!

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James D.
9 months ago

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Looking forward to another one next year.

Laurie A.
9 months ago

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The setting, the sites, the views, the experiences... it's all memorable. But what was most memorable for me was being able to have a packaged vacation and not have to worry about my food or lodging. I have a food allergy, which makes travelling a challenge - especially in group tours. I usually have to bring my own food, make sure we stay where there is a kitchen, visit a grocery store, etc. The cook and other crew on the Quo vadis made sure that i was well-fed with healthy, appetizing food. On some other types of tours i have been accommodated, but the food was just basic (or awful). This was the first trip i have ever been on where all of my dietary needs were met - i did not have to worry at all about getting sick (which can ruin a vacation). So while it was all absolutely wonderful, for me the "icing on the (gluten free) cake was that i was able to eat so well!
Also great: the information sent ahead of time was extremely useful. It was hard to go through it all at Leer Más
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