Parques Nacionales de Dalmacia

Croacia Tours en Bicicleta + Barco

Pedalee por Croacia a través de sus Parques Nacionales y las islas de Dalmacia Central.

Parques Nacionales de Dalmacia Mapa

Jane R.
3 months ago

Revisor Verificado

Outstanding route, fantastic guides and bike trip. Beautiful cities visited. A terrific crew and felt delicious food served. A very
fun enjoyable trip.

Mike H.
4 months ago

Revisor Verificado

The tour along the coast of Croatia was beautiful and made even better by the guides and crew aboard the Kapetan Jure. Cycling the roadways was always a fun adventure. Everyone was so accommodating and very friendly. Being on a smaller boat is the way to go as you get to know everyone. We had people from all over the world. Never a dull moment at mealtime with stories and laughs. Croatia is a beautiful country and hope to see more of it some day. Thanks for a fantastic trip.

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