Por el Danubio – Passau a Viena

Austria, Alemania Tours en Bicicleta + Barco

Paseo en bici por Austria y las ciudades históricas del Danubio

Fred and Kathleen I.
1 year ago

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Using Tripsite to book our bike/barge trip took a lot of stress off of our trip planning especially during the pandemic. Whenever I emailed, I got a quick response and I was able to rebook easily more than once. The boat, Princess Katherina, was well run. We met many new people and even though we were the only USA participants, we were seated with other English speakers who became quick friends and travel mates. I was always pleased with the vegetarian options for dining and all food choices overall were exceptional. The 34 staff onboard contributed to efficiency and support whenever we had questions or needs. The bike routes were well marked and the panniers and front pack for holding the map worked perfectly. I would definitely get an e-bike next time as I struggled a bit with rainy weather but as seventy and seventy-two year olds exploring a new country, the trip was flawless. If you like castles, abbeys, river trails, this trip is perfect! Don't miss the pear cider at Leer Más

Karin S.
5 months ago

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The Danube River and scenery around it was spectacular. Seeing it from the bike paths, or on board the ship was very special. My husband didn’t cycle, but was well taken care of by the wonderful staff aboard the Swiss Crown, and enjoyed the trip as much as we did on the bikes.
Food, accommodations and service was first class.

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