Provenza - La Naturaleza de Camarga

Francia Tours en bicicleta y barco

Un recorrido en bicicleta y en barco por la región de Van Gogh

Provenza - La Naturaleza de Camarga Mapa

Sheilagh M.
7 months ago

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Riding through the south of France along quiet country roads with the occasional stop to learn about the history and people of the place.

John C.
7 months ago

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The crew of the boat Caprice was wonderful. Each crew member did their utmost to make the trip perfect for everyone. The food was outstanding, our compliments to the chef Joseph who prepared a gourmet meal every night. The tour guide Alessandra was wonderful and kept the group moving along together. The size of the tour was perfect, 20, the route was ideal and that part of France was beautiful. Highlights were the Ponte du Gard, the villages in Provence, Avignon and the tour of the winery and La Moulin d'Huile. We also enjoyed the company of the others on the tour very much.

Suggestions: bring raingear if it's the rainy season, stop in the cafes in the little towns along the way for beer, wine, french fries or desserts.

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