Bordeando el mar del Norte - un tour de tulipanes

Holanda Viajes en bicicleta

Noordwijk aan Zee (sobre el mar) -en el corazón del país de los tulipanes!

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Julie M.
5 years ago

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Best Part: Cycling to Delft. The town was beautiful!

D. Van Ruiten
6 years ago

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The Hotel and Bike store did not know each other and the hotel had to look up on map where the bike store was. It would be better if upon arriving at the hotel, they could point us in the right direction immediately.
Our GPS on the bikes were a little old - very small- so it was hard to make out sometimes - if we were following the map correctly. We had to double check on our own phones a few times which gets into roaming charges.
The bikes were clean and had good tires/brakes so that was good.
Both staff at hotel and bike stores were good.

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