Bordeando el mar del Norte - un tour de tulipanes

Holanda Viajes en bicicleta

Noordwijk aan Zee (sobre el mar) -en el corazón del país de los tulipanes!

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Julie M.
6 years ago

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Best Part: Cycling to Delft. The town was beautiful!

Nancy W.
5 months ago

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There was no place at the Prominent Hotel to safely lock the bikes. One Ebike had its control box torn off. Seems the bike store has to bear that cost. We did not ask for but thought one repair kit would have been provided. Panniers, though promised were not available. Bike store was closed on Sunday so had there been a break down no support would have been available that day. Bikes were OK but gearing on one were rough and catchy. Otherwise most were happy with the bikes though very heavy.

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