Jayne V.
1 month ago

Revisor Verificado

It’s hard to say because the trip was full of so many memorable moments! Particularly loved the routes through the Burrens, the charming villages and inns in County Clare, and the breakfasts! Cycling through the breathtaking scenery was the highlight of my experience. Very impressed with the quality of our touring bikes and with Thomas who got us set up on them. Organization was superb. Hassle-free check-ins at our accommodation and our bags were always there ahead of us.

Barbara S.
10 months ago

Revisor Verificado

The scenery was spectacular. I was happy to have some time to explore the area off the bicycle as well as on it. We were forworned to not hug the side of the road, and be respectful of the cars by not bunching up while riding. This was really helpful so that when a car needed to move around us, we didn’t feel like we were in danger.

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