Viena a Budapest - Camino del Danubio

Austria, Hungría, Eslovaquia Viajes en bicicleta

Viaje en bicicleta por tres países de Europa

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James R.
12 months ago

Revisor Verificado

Hi….really a great trip and well organized, thank you so much ! The only confusion was day 7, you list the ride is 51 miles, yet maybe clarify that the ride is only 34 miles and the ferry ride from Szentendre to Budapest in 15 miles for then a total distance of 51 miles, with 34 miles of riding. Is there an option for a better bike ? Look forward to riding again with Tripsite, Good Luck ! Jim Ruble.

Hugonette M.
3 years ago

Revisor Verificado

Biking along the Danube river is very beautiful and visiting all the small towns we never heard of before is very special.

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