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Everything You Need to Know About Bike Touring With a GPS

Jehiel • May 18, 2018

So you just booked a self-guided tour, let’s say Amsterdam to Bruges bike tour because that tour is a client favorite. Even though the Netherlands has one of the most developed bike path systems in the world and is fairly easy to navigate, you have decided to keep the paper maps in your saddlebag, and try a GPS system for the first time. Read More

My first experience on an electric bike

Hennie • Nov 9, 2016 • 1

There is power in the battery!Are you like me and too stubborn (or proud) to resort to an electric bike? There is nothing wrong with trying to stay on a regular hybrid touring bike or road bike as long as you can and as long as you are having fun! But when it becomes just a bit too difficult, or you really want to experience the beauty of a tour that is rated beyond your ability, it is time to think about your options. Read More

Travel Tips: Extra Nights | Where to Crash

Jessica • Oct 20, 2015

Congratulations! You’ve booked your cycling adventure! And thanks to good planning (or maybe a good deal on flights), you also have a few nights before and after to enjoy a new city and culture. Read More

The beautiful MS Quo Vadis is comfortably furnished and so cozy you will feel right at home.

Que es un tour de Bici + barco?

Sep 24, 2015

Es acerca del barco…Justo el otro día estaba en el teléfono hablando con un cliente acerca de un tour, cuando surgió la pregunta de NUNCA escuche acerca de un tour en bici y en barco! Entonces me pregunte si habría otras personas que se preguntarían lo mismo, es decir que no saben lo maravilloso que es explorar el mundo de esta forma, y que solo se limitan a la forma más común de turismo guiado que es en bus. Por eso es que me gustaría explicar en estas breves palabras lo que significa un tour Read More

A magnificent spread of food aboard the Flying Dutchman

Eating in Europe: Helpful Tips

Jun 30, 2015

It should come as no surprise that Europe offers some of the best variety and quality food in the world. Organically grown produce and locally sourced ingredients isn’t a new trend in Europe, it’s the way it has always been. Don’t miss out on your chance to indulge in a smorgasbord of delectable eats. Read More

How to Survive a Long Flight

Jun 16, 2015

You just booked a wonderful bike and boat trip in Europe, let’s just say Mantova to Venice (It’s one of our favorites). Read More

Travel Tips with Robert Zang

Apr 28, 2015 • 1

I recently had the opportunity to connect with a longtime friend of Tripsite, Robert Zang. When I say, "longtime" and "friend", I don't use the words lightly. Robert has been on 10 trips with us over the years, and has become much more than just a client. Here at Tripsite, it is not unusual for us to know clients by name and travel history and we pride ourselves in that.Now, when I say connect, I mean we exchanged hand-written letters back and forth. Read More