Gea has been with TripSite from the beginning - fondly remembering the days when she translated the company's first Dutch brochure into English. Born in Holland, Gea has also lived in Pennsylvania, California, China (Shanghai) and currently in Maryland with her husband and 4 small children.

The most memorable time she had while attending Pennsylvania State University earning her BS degree was spending a semester studying abroad in Europe. She finds it endlessly exciting to witness how other people live, eating the foods they eat and being lost amongst crowds of people where not one word spoken makes any sense.

To Gea, there is no greater way to explore a city/town/country than from the saddle of one's bicycle. This gets you off the beaten path and into the farm country to see how the locals really live.

Within TripSite, she works primarily behind the scenes in the photo department - trying her best to make sure a tour's photos not only capture the essence of the tour, but most of all, to make you want to go there!!!

She has also spent the past 7 years expanding her family, but luckily still manages to sneak off every now and then. Last summer (2014), she went to Switzerland for a little hiking and sightseeing albeit 8 months pregnant.

Hobbies when not soccer-momming: running, biking, hiking, alpine and cross-country skiing.