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  • Koblenz to Bad Wimpfen
    by Renata O. 1 day ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I and my husband, loved this trip. We cycled through castelo and vineyards! Beautiful place, lovely people and excellent Crew!
    And the best assistance!

    Boat: Patria

    Countries: Germany

  • Metz to Cochem or Cochem to Metz
    by Luis 1 day ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I took this trip on Oct 6, 2019. It was my 6th trip with Tripsite. the ship was the Zwaan. The landscape is stunning. The staff was super friendly without beig intrusibe. The distances are doable. The ship is excellent and the programmed group size is great, only 12 to 14 people. I have recommended these tours to dozens of people. And they continue to be one of the most fun things I have done in my life. Go!

  • Amsterdam to Bruges
    by Shelley O. 3 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Everything was memorable! The crew were amazing, always attentive and happy! Our guides were great - every ride had the perfect stops along the way, meeting some of the locals!
    Chef Michel created great meals for us and our group was great!
    The bikes were easy to ride, and the daily rides didn’t seem as long as they are!
    I’ve never done anything like this before, and it exceeded all expectations!

    Boat: Magnifique II

    Countries: Netherlands, Belgium

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Horst K. 4 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The tour was well organized and we were put up in great hotels. Meals were very good and the tour operators provided water and healthy snacks along the route everyday.
    I was more than pleased with the whole trip and will consider another tour with this organization.

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by deirdre e. 4 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Most Memorable Part: Visiting wonderful towns and cities.
    We found that the bikes provided were very heavy, making them a bit tough to ride. We were there at the end of the season and the brakes on the bikes were worn out. The bike maintenance was not ideal

    Boat: Carissima

  • Prague to Vienna
    by George W. 4 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Krumlov, Telc and Znojmo are truly heritage towns, and worth more time than we had to explore them. Moravia in general is a great biking area, with more and prettier villages and squares.

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Chereda B. 4 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Excellent cruise director, wonderful bike trails with good instructions as to how to follow them, excellent food. It was a great trip.

    Boat: Carissima

  • Geneva to Lyon
    by Ginny S. 5 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    It was all beautiful, but Pérouges was a real highlight. A well preserved medieval town, the accommodations and spectacular food reflected the history of this special place.

    Countries: Switzerland, France

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by john c. 5 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was the 1st tour for Jeannie and me with Tripsite. We have been on several (many) tours a of similar nature. Most of these tours were wonderful experiences. VBT was one that was particularly memorable, but in our opinion, this Bruges to Amsterdam with Tripsite was the best sofar. Our guide Tom was incredible. His knowledge and attention to detail was quite amazing. He kept us not only safe but entertained. The accommodations were extremely comfortable and the food served on board, outstanding. All in all, a "do it again" kind of experience. Thx., Jeannie and John

    Boat: Magnifique III

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Mallorca
    by Kathy P. 5 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Riding in Mallorca was fantastic! We had a few issues navigating through some of the little towns, especially where there was some road construction, so I would suggest the map making folks stay current with things like that. But beyond that it was perfect! The hotels were wonderful, the routes beautiful, the riding very pleasant with mainly flat roads, very little traffic, and scenery worth stopping for! We upgraded to road bikes which we highly recommend. The mountains, the sea, the olive and almond groves, the tinkling of sheep bells, the incredible sunlight on all those amazing rock walls, and the narrow town streets all made the rides magical! I can't wait to go back and do this trip again!

    Countries: Spain

  • Lorraine Tour
    by Gloria M. 5 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The adventure of biking through beautiful Luxembourg, Germany, and France. One can view scenry in a different manner compared to driving a car or viewing as a passenger. Biked thru small villages, metro cities, and rural countries.

    The delicious gourmet dinners at the end of each trip will always be treasured.

    The route instructions need a lot of improvement. It should not take 6 hours to bike 22 miles!

    Boat: La Belle Fleur

  • Bruges to Amsterdam Bike Tour
    by Zachary S. 5 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Most memorable is simply the experience of riding through beautiful countryside and getting a feel for the landscape, towns, farms, etc. One suggestion for others/the trip planners - we loved all of it but would have enjoyed a layover day now and then to really explore a particular city or area (like Gouda). Overall, fantastic trip and well organized.

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Along the Danube - Passau, Bratislava, and Vienna
    by Cindy R. 5 days ago         Verified Reviewer

    The Vinyards were amazing to bike thru. Beauty all around. It was a Breathtaking day that I will always remember.

    Boat: Theodor Körner

  • Along the Danube - Passau, Bratislava, and Vienna
    by Colin F. 5 days ago         Verified Reviewer

    This tour was very well organized and it was a fabulous trip. We did the self guided bicycle tour and it was was easy to follow the suggested cycling route. The tour director, Andreas, did an excellent job providing us with information every day about the cycling route and he made the trip flow smoothly. Our boat did not go to Bratislava because of the water level of the Danube, so we spent an extra day in Vienna. There was an optional bus trip to Bratislava for the afternoon.
    The scenery along the Danube was beautiful. We really enjoyed meeting interesting people from all over the world and socializing with them afterwards in the bar. Our tip: if you want to book a Tripsite tour, do it early because the rooms fill up fast. We waited too long and got the last room on the Theodor Körner, an eco bunk bed room.

    Boat: Theodor Körner

  • Loire Valley Bike and Boat - 2019
    by Mary P. 5 days ago         Verified Reviewer

    The castle tours were amazing. Sophie (coordinator on the Anna Marie IV) was adorable. Really enjoyed her and her nightly meals. The trip was not the Loire, because of water levels and sorry to say that it was just OK, but not much more. The main thing missing that I had expected was a trip to a vineyard. That would have made a big difference.

    Boat: Anna Maria IV

    Countries: France

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Mary Lee L. 6 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Magnifique III is a newer luxury barge that was very comfortable, kept immaculately clean, and managed by a most capable crew. There was plentiful food that was artfully prepared by Michael. We marveled at how he was able to pull off such cuisine daily. It is hard to mention any one crew member, though, as all were very friendly, well-trained, and efficient. Everyone worked well together like a family.

    My husband's health prevented him from biking, so we opted to rent a car and meet the barge each afternoon when it docked. For those unable to bike, this proved to be an enjoyable alternative.

    My tip is to secure an upper suite. While our friends were happy with accommodations on the lower level, we enjoyed the larger window and the extra space with 2 chairs.

    My suggestion is that the breakfast buffet is arranged so the smaller plates of food are spread out. Because they are placed together in the corner of the counter, only 1-2 people can serve themselves at a Read more… time, which makes the line take a much longer time.

    Boat: Magnifique III

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Mallorca
    by Monique R. 6 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The routes were wonderful and the lodging choices were excellent.

    Countries: Spain

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Patricia Ann S. 6 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The entire crew on the Anna Antal was superior. They all contributed immensely to the overall experience. The cycling was amazing - always felt very comfortable on the bike paths and roads.

    Boat: Anna Antal

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Danube Bike Path - Donaueschingen to Ulm
    by Laura D. 6 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We loved cycling along the Donnau river cycle path. The cycle path was excellent - flat, scenic and not on roads.

    Countries: Germany

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Gene C. 6 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Most Memorable Part: The charming villages and the crew on the boat.

    Boat: Magnifique III

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Prague to Vienna
    by Katherine G. 6 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Every moment was memorable. From the moment Vitek appeared with my wonderful bicycle and a pile of maps..... to my arrival in Vienna - it was a great adventure from beginning to end. And I could NOT have asked for anything more.
    I felt very well cared for by your staff and it was reassuring to be provided with multiple ways to handle problems along the way - although none came up.
    The countryside of Bohemia and Moravia was glorious, fall is a great time of year to travel. I loved the flexibility to doing a self-guided trip. My hotels were perfect and welcoming, the route easy to comprehend with extra ideas of what to see and do at every turn.
    I cannot thank you guys enough for a 'trip to remember'.
    Sincerely, Kathy Greene

  • North Portugal
    by Mary C. 7 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Sergio and his team were ready and waiting for us and readied us with great bikes and Garmins. The route and hotels were superb. We saw the river towns and countryside on paved and stone roads, some going back to the Romans. The board walks along the Atlantic put us on the beaches and dunes with ease. The food and wine along the way will also keep us coming back. A wonderful, relaxing, and invigorating holiday!

    Countries: Portugal

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Eileen M. 7 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The biking everyday and our tour guide Jack. Amazing. Also loved the night tours of the towns. Jack was so knowledgeable

    Boat: Fluvius

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Prague to Vienna
    by Leonie R. 7 days ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Lovely countryside, getting lost a lot. I would strongly recommend that the company heavily promotes the trip ap, as directions often were not clear and we got lost a lot. Due to type of hybrid bike and being lost there was not time to fully explore the region - so I would recommend the use of e bikes or shorter days.
    Also reminding people that nothing is open on Sundays and most small towns did not have any shops for food/drink.

  • Amsterdam to Maastricht
    by Maureen W. 1 week ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Most Memorable Part: The gardens at Achen. Huge and impressive. But you need to get there before 3.30 to do them justice. No entry after 4.00/4.30

    Boat: Sarah

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Kathy M. 1 week ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The scenery was absolutely beautiful and thankfully the weather was the same. If I had to make one suggestion it would be to improve the food on board. I don't think that can vegetables are a great reflection of the fresh vegetables that were all over the countryside. I also think that there should be more options for vegetarians.

    Boat: Fluvius

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Jeanne A. 1 week ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Well organized, high quality experience.

    Boat: Magnifique II

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Along the Danube - Passau, Bratislava, and Vienna
    by Dennis H 1 week ago         Verified Reviewer

    The Theodor Korner is an older boat. A little loud sometimes with the bedrooms a little small. Otherwise, the dining room, the lounge, other areas – all were fine. The meals, both breakfast and dinner, were very good. The staff were friendly and helpful. And the tours, whether guided or on your own, were very-well organized and led.

    One problem with the Bike and Boat tour – the bikes. I do not consider them well-maintained. Mine had bad brakes and wobbly steering, leading to accidents. And the “sailors” responsible for maintaining them did not seem to have much of an interest in doing so. They were the least helpful people on the boat; it wasn’t even close.

    Would I go on another B&B tour? Yes, overall it was a lot of fun. Would I take the Theodor Korner? Maybe. Would I recommend that a biker INSIST upon a good working bike – no matter what you have to do, who you have to talk to? Absolutely.
    And good luck on your trip.

  • Lakes Trail
    by Corrine G. 1 week ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The views and the people were fantastic! Our luggage arrived before us every time! Hotels were fantastic! Bike people were very informative!

    Countries: Switzerland

  • Pearls of the Alsace Wine Route
    by Stan and Nancy H. 1 week ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This trip was fabulous, very scenic and the ebikes were perfect. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip although we went at a time when the vineyards were mainly closed for harvest. We made our own picnic lunches along the way or stopped at local pubs and restaurants for lunch and wine. The written directional instructions were very helpful, as were the gps tracks. Julian, our local coordinator was very helpful in resolving a small glitch with our first hotel. All the hotels were great, and the restaurants and food were generally quite good, even though our dinner selections were limited to a few choices. Of the towns we stayed in, Colmar and Kayersburg were the best! The dessert in the Colmar Grand Hotel Bristol was memorably fantastic. The restaurant we were sent to in Basel was rather mediocre and disappointing given what we had pre-paid, especially the horrible cup of fruit cocktail we were given for dessert ( not even on the menu!) The vineyards ended before Mulhouse, which seemed like Read more… a very industrial city. And although the scenery into Basel was lovely with rolling hills (ebikes saved the day!) Basel itself was just okay. We would probably skip the Mulhouse-Basel part of the trip if we were to do it again. We would prefer in future to spend more time in Colmar and smaller villages like Kayersburg.

    Countries: France, Switzerland