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4 out of 5


Marlene Z.
3 years ago

Verified Reviewer

Biking through the dunes of the North Sea is incredible. The rental bike is a heavy Dutch model and it is windy so you make like an e bike. The fresh herring and fish are amazing. Also there is bus 385 that runs from train in Voorhout to Noordwijk for 2 euro 20. So you don't need that 20 euro cab.

Julie M.
5 years ago

Verified Reviewer

Best Part: Cycling to Delft. The town was beautiful!

D. Van Ruiten
6 years ago

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The Hotel and Bike store did not know each other and the hotel had to look up on map where the bike store was. It would be better if upon arriving at the hotel, they could point us in the right direction immediately.
Our GPS on the bikes were a little old - very small- so it was hard to make out sometimes - if we were following the map correctly. We had to double check on our own phones a few times which gets into roaming charges.
The bikes were clean and had good tires/brakes so that was good.
Both staff at hotel and bike stores were good.

7 years ago

Verified Reviewer

My husband and I had a wonderful trip. Doing loop rides from one location, instead of moving from one city to another each day, was perfect. It allowed us to become familiar with the area (so many restaurants to try!) and to modify the routes if we desired (for example, one day we cycled to the train station and took a train to Leiden instead of doing a long ride). The folks at TripSite are not kidding when they claim that the Netherlands is a bike friendly place. Certainly the nicest and safest cycling we have experienced! It is hard to say which route was my favorite but Widje AA has a taste of everything - dunes, blub fields, canals, windmills, and charming villages.

11 years ago

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My daughter and I had a fabulous trip last easter. The cycle routes were both pretty and the instructions were easy to follow. Neither of us are avid cyclists but the distances were right for a whole days trip. Thank you.

11 years ago

Verified Reviewer

Very enjoyable trip but found the route descriptions hard to follow without detailed map to accompany them. This we rectified by purchasing locally but would have been useful to have at the outset. Would also recommend that bikes are supplied with clipboard on handlebars to make following the maps easier. Constantly stopping to check directions was tiresome. Very comfortable hotel and beautiful beach with stunning scenery. Lovely people and on this occasion .... stunning weather. Great fun