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Sveinn O.
3 years ago

Verified Reviewer

Krakow and Southeast Poland

Well worth time. good tracks beautiful landscape. we started 3 hour trip in przmysl very nice town that is not on map going to top of town hill panoramic wiew. hotel in korczowa we got dessert first than main course :). staff in training

Elizabeth C.
3 years ago

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Krakow to Warsaw (old)

This was tour #6 for me and it was completely different than my former experiences. My previous tours were full of tourist sights and charming villages with little shops, coffee/tea/bakery cafes, and restaurants (with restrooms) to stop at along the way during the day and actual bicycle paths. Krakow to Warsaw (Warka) Poland tour was very unique. Positives: Krakow is absolutely charming and has some interesting day trips available to the salt mines and concentration camps. Once on tour the bicycles, hotels and food were excellent. The forests and farmlands were lovely. The birds were singing, roosters crowing, and the spring blooms were abundant. We saw wild boar in the woods the first day and wolf tracks another. The route maps were detailed and easy to read. The tour company was quick to work out any issues such as transporting us on day 2 of cycling due to severe weather and flood warnings. This being said, I must point out this was not a bicycle path but a bicycle route utilizing Read More

Armando A.
5 years ago

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Prague to Krakow
Czech Republic, Poland

My wife and I did the 13 day Prague to Krakow self guided cycling tour the last week of August thru the first week of September 2017.
We both enjoyed it immensely. Europe Bike Tours spent a couple hours with us reviewing the trip material. The paperwork Vitek went over with us included:
A contact list and program itinerary.
A description of the day, route description, problematic turns/crossroads/tips, highlights, bike repair shops, medical care, places to eat, plus a graph showing distance and climbed meters.
Turn by turn directions for each day.
Regional maps with the trip route highlighted.
Plus a map of the town we were staying in each night.
Hotel vouchers
A GPS route was also available which we used and highly recommend.(It makes the biking more care free as you do not have to reference maps constantly, which saves a lot of time.)

We were provided with hybrid (crossover) bikes which were very comfortable and suitable for the terrain. Read More

DeeDee & Steve C.
6 years ago

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Czech Republic, Poland, Austria

We've already recommended this trip and Tripsite when friends and family ask us about our experience.
We'd also like to complement Bird Service--the Polish bike tour affliate who organized the trip. Bird Service did a great job arranging all transportation, hotels & dinners.