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4.8 out of 5


Maya H.
3 days ago

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  Lena Maria Amsterdam to Bruges
Netherlands, Belgium

All of it was memorable- cycling by farms and canals, how old the towns are, and how beautiful the cathedral of Ghent is inside, Bruge at night…

Bronwen D.
2 years ago

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  Lena Maria Explore Friesland

The People - The Food - The Organisation!

Elsie R.
4 years ago

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  Lena Maria Heart of Holland

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the “Heart of Holland” Bike and Barge Trip aboard the Lena Maria. I was a party of four ladies (3 Canadians and 1 USA) whose trip began on May 11. We had a fantastic trip.

Our guide, Francien, was excellent! She did an excellent job of leading the biking events...stopping for breaks when needed and keeping us moving at a comfortable pace. The evening “Next Day” sessions gave us a good idea of what to expect the next day. The stops at the 17 windmills, the cheese factory, and the flower auction site added to the day’s plan. The two evening guided city walks gave us time to explore onfoot, too. Lastly, Francien kept close watch on her biking group while leading us through city traffic and country roads. The biking trip was an excellent way to see the countryside.

The crew on the Lena Maria was excellent...the food was wonderful (great Chef!) and the hostess was very welcoming. The barge was a very Read More

Angeliene B.
6 years ago

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  Lena Maria Bruges to Amsterdam
Belgium, Netherlands

As a 69 year old female I was thrilled to be able to have an active vacation , biking and then relaxing on board after a day of cycling. I hope to be able to do another bike/barge trip in 2018. Lovely to meet so many like minded people from many different backgrounds and places where they live, loved the trip!!!