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  • Highlights of Dalmatia Plus
    by Javier C. 2 months agoPermalink/Reply

    This is an amazing trip. The ship is brand new. Doesn't feel crowded ever. The places visited are gorgeous. The views are breathtaking. The biking is very doable. No need to be afraid of hills; with these ebikes, most people will be able to do them. Plenty of time to explore ports and villages. It's hard to get lost during bike rides. Not too many bathroom facilities along the route, but every village has a number of cafes and restaurants that will let you use facilities. Bring sunscreen and good sunglasses. Ivana and Matjia, our guides, were fantastic--very accommodating. Be prepared for some improvisation, since wind conditions may force captain to alter route. Dubrovnik is nice, though too crowded, and the ship moors a bit far (30 minute walk). The other cities and towns are more visitable and relaxing, and the ship docks right downtown. Overall, one of the best trips of our lives.

    Boat: New Star

    Countries: Croatia