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4.5 out of 5


Jerry K.
3 years ago

Verified Reviewer

  Zwaantje Bruges to Paris
Belgium, France

We met a lot of really nice people. We were surprised that our guide was largely unfamiliar with the route!

C. Bauer
4 years ago

Verified Reviewer

  Zwaantje Champagne Tour

The guide seemed lost most of the time. He didn't know where to stop for a picnic and one day we ate our lunches at a bus stop. I realize cafes mostly close in France between 12 and 2, but his lack of knowledge of where to find a toilet after lunch was a problem. He chastised us for being slow to re-organize, but then later we'd stop for no reason and wait for up to a half hour with no info from him. He was good at describing architecture.