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  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Elizabeth C. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Prague to Dresden, A Tale of Two Rivers (self guided) was an outstanding tour! This was my 5th bicycle tour but first without boat. My friend and I were delighted with every day on tour. Hotels (standard option) and breakfasts were excellent. When I booked I specifically asked if an upright sitting wide seat bicycle (like those on my previous tours) would be available since I physically can not ride in a bent over position. Upon arrival we were presented with the bent over style narrow seat bicycles and told that is all they offered. After explaining my issue and that I would not have booked the tour under those terms, I was provided a bicycle that met my needs. Unfortunately my friend had to ride the other style bicycle. The routes on this tour were scenic and the villages/cities were charming. Day 4 was confusing since written instructions conflicted with map which clearly stated official path was closed and detoured route on to a busy hilly road opposite side of river. Because we Read more… decided to ignore the map, we had our easiest most beautiful day. At days end we bumped into the tour guide (same company) who was traveling with guided tour and he said they hadn't updated their maps this season. Extremely poor unacceptable excuse since a simple sharpie mark could have made the important change. Overall, we loved it! Would recommend it! AND would absolutely love to do it again someday. (so please save my upright bike! LOL) Note: Day 1 we took the alternative route beside the river instead of going over the hill and did fine since we are experienced cyclists and could handle following a 10-12 inch wide trench trail path the first part of the way. Be sure to veer in to town where map indicates to leave the river or you end up on a mountain bike trail. If you need a wide path, stick to the hill road. Also note a rear pannier is not included in price. We felt any concerns/problems we had were dealt with quickly and graciously.

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Jenny B. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We had many memorable experiences! Starting in the beautiful city of Prague with it's history & culture, biking through the Czech republic was the best way to experience this wonderful country, meet the Czech people & appreciate the changing landscapes. We were extremely fortunate with brilliant sunshine for the entire tour. The side trips provided further insight into this amazing country. Arriving in Dresden & exploring the side streets away from the main tourist areas was also a bonus.

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Sherry 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Just completed the Prague to Dresden tour and am giving it 5 stars based on the overall experience, although I'm going to lead with some negatives. Our group size was 15. I had asked the question early on before booking about size and was told usually 10-12. With 2 guides and a support van we were able to divide on most days, as part of the group was habitually late. It was also an issue for lunches since a group of 15 slows things down for restaurant service. Our lunch stops often approached two hours. In addition, there were times that we were down one guide apparently due to overbooking issues, plus one unexpected issue with the overnight bike storage that caused a huge delay in the start the second day. That was the Terezin day, and while we got into town, the sites were already closed.
    But now for the positive, this is a great ride on mostly good bike paths. If you are in any way concerned about hills, weather, trail conditions or stamina, I highly recommend an ebike. Read more… This will mitigate almost all issues and still offers all the benefits of biking. 30-35 miles a day is a lot to cover with the drawbacks of being in a group, so most of the riding was at a pretty quick pace.
    Our guides, Richard and Jana, were outstanding. Richard is a veteran guide and a wealth of knowledge. He read the group well and let us divide into two whenever possible. This was Jana's first time on this tour, but she was cheerful and helpful at all times.
    The hotels and restaurants were all enjoyable, especially the chateau in Liblice/Melnik. We did enjoy our fellow riders and even with not ideal weather for a couple days, it was a fun time. The positives far outweighed the negatives and made for a memorable, thoroughly enjoyable trip.

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Lindsay Z. 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Biking the "Prague to Dresden - Tale of Two Rivers" trip was a very enjoyable experience. We enjoyed the lovely scenery and our hotels along the way. We liked biking at our own pace with our detailed route instructions. I have been highly recommending this trip since we returned home, and I can't wait to do another cycling adventure in the future.

  • Prague to Budapest
    by Pamela B. 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was a wonderful tour with many interesting & historic stops along the way. The portion in the Czech Republic included challenging terrain while the ride from Vienna to Budapest was fairly flat. The hotels were all unique and very different, from botels to spas to penzione. Locations were great, had delicious breakfasts and were clean with the exception of the last one, which I'll discuss later. This trip would have been perfect if a few simple things had occurred: we received detailed information for the trip the day we left for Prague. Since there were some modifications, I lost half a day in Prague getting those worked out. That easily could've been taken care of before we left if we had the detailed info sooner. When we arrived in Prague, the cycling company sent files to load. Because of the types of phones we have, it again took some vacation time to figure out how to download. We discovered that these were imperative to smooth navigating along the Read more… routes so I recommend that those files be sent in advance. The only other disappointment was that the hotel in Budapest was very dirty with mold all over the shower floor and walls. We had been told we'd be in a much nicer hotel, but i'm assuming they were unable to book it. Fortunately, we had booked our extra nights elsewhere. Bottom line, I would recommend this trip with the modifications above.

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Brad C. 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The Prague to Dresden bike ride was an amazing vacation. Everyday there were beautiful sites and scenery that made the journey a really memorable trip. Each night we lodged in picturesque towns along the route and always near the city square where we enjoyed great dining and sightseeing. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a really unique biking vacation in the heart of Europe.

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Josephine S. 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I have just returned from a most pleasant bike trip Prague - Dresden. The well paved and mostly flat bike paths made the cycling quite easy and enabled us to enjoy the wonderful scenery of the countryside. The hotel rooms were clean and spacious, especially the Chateau Liblice, which was a real treat. We were well fed and got plenty of drinks. The Czech and german beers are excellent, the wines are not bad either. Our guide Vitek made every possible effort to meet all our expectations.His stories helped me enrich the knowledge about the country, its history, people, traditions. But above all Vitek is a very nice, kind and friendly person.
    Thank you Vitek for all the fun we had and for making me enjoy every minute of the trip.

  • Prague to Vienna
    by James Lindsay 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    What a wonderful time! We did the 7 day self-guided tour in May and was better than we could have imagined. I had a good feeling from the moment of our pre-tour meeting with Lukas, (the local tour bike company) who had everything well prepared; maps for each day, route descriptions with helpful hints, shortcuts or longer route options, restaurant recommendations, bikes, and all the bike gear, including rear racks and bags! We had a few questions during the trip and they were very quick to respond and even gave us a heads of some weather to expect. Each day was different but filled with spectacular sites and castles in nearly every night's stop. Hotels were great and luggage transfer always showed up before we did. We saw amazing sites along the way and was a great way to fully experience the wonderful country of Czech Rep!

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Barbara 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Just returned from five days of cycling through the Czech and German countryside from Prague to Dresden: A Tale of Two Rivers. A wonderful experience - beautiful countryside, quaint accommodations, good food and excellent service. Lukas and company of Europe Bike Tours do all they can to please and support their riders. Try it - you'll love it!

  • Prague to Vienna
    by Amy Sandlin 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Wonderful trip! We did the self-guided tour option (and used the GPS coordinates from the tour company to help with directions). Everything about the trip went very smoothly, and someone from Europe Bike Tours was always quick to respond if we had any questions or issues during the trip. Every city we stayed in along the route had something interesting for us to see and do. The routes were long enough that we got the physical challenge we were looking for, but also had time to sight-see every day in each city. I cannot recommend this trip enough. Loved every day!

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Dianne W. 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Vienna to Budapest was superb - easy to follow instructions (only got lost once) scenery good for the soul, countryside ducks in flight, historic buildings & bridges, food & wine a delight, accommodation excellent (and 1 unique hotel with a bowling alley in reception) comfortable bikes =easy ride (we are 60+) would be great for family with kids-Yet another Tripsite success (used before will use again)

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Ileana G. 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Visiting Strekov Castle was a highlight. First day is the most challenging with a couple of big hills.

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Patricia M. 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was a wonderful vacation (from Prague to Dresden via Bohemia). Being a solo traveler I welcomed the guidance and support offered by this tour. Lucas and Vitek provided historical and cultural info along the route; the hotels, meals, and excursions all combined to make this an easy, active and memorable holiday. Can't wait for the next adventure!

  • Prague to Budapest
    by Dean Mitzel 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was our third bike tour with Tripsite and we were glad we came back. We we were able to see 3 new countries for the first time (Czech Rep, Slovakia and Hungary) with the same excellent logistics, accommodations and food we experienced on our other two trips. Tripsite staff was there whenever we needed support in any country. We'll be back!

  • Prague to Krakow
    by Armando A. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    My wife and I did the 13 day Prague to Krakow self guided cycling tour the last week of August thru the first week of September 2017.
    We both enjoyed it immensely. Europe Bike Tours spent a couple hours with us reviewing the trip material. The paperwork Vitek went over with us included:
    A contact list and program itinerary.
    A description of the day, route description, problematic turns/crossroads/tips, highlights, bike repair shops, medical care, places to eat, plus a graph showing distance and climbed meters.
    Turn by turn directions for each day.
    Regional maps with the trip route highlighted.
    Plus a map of the town we were staying in each night.
    Hotel vouchers
    A GPS route was also available which we used and highly recommend.(It makes the biking more care free as you do not have to reference maps constantly, which saves a lot of time.)

    We were provided with hybrid (crossover) bikes which were very comfortable and suitable for the terrain. Read more… The terrain varied immensely from paved trails to rough trails through the woods.
    The bikes held up well. We had no flat tires or any other mechanical issues. The bikes had a bag on the front to hold what you needed during the day plus a cover in cased it rained. Helmets’ were also provided.
    We chose the standard hotel accommodations. They were all good and some were exceptional. The hotel location was always great; right in the center of town.
    The luggage transfer was great. Our luggage was at the next accommodation by 4pm or earlier each day.

    We purchased the half board dinner option which we would not recommend. Although the food was good to excellent in all the locations except for two, I was led to believe that we would receive 3 main course options and this was not true. You took what you got. We do not feel there were any benefits with this option. There were plenty of restaurants available to choose from for the same cost where you could select from a full menu.
    Prague and Krakow are both beautiful cities, with incredible architecture and history. Both cities have stately market squares, bridges spanning the rivers which run through them, plus numerous parks, cafes, restaurants, cathedrals, clock towers, castles, palaces, etc. We added four extra days to our trip giving us 2 extra days in both cities which allowed us time to explore them, which was totally worth it.
    The cycling route takes you through beautiful towns and countryside. It follows rivers where ever possible.

    Overall I highly recommend Europe Bike Tours. Vitek took very good care of us ensuring all went well.

  • Prague to Passau
    by Duncan B. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Fantastic countryside, towns and beers!!

  • Golden City of Prague
    by Mary C. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Trip went way above my expectations. Everything started exactly on time, the food and entertainment was excellent. The maps and bike routes were well detailed and went through beautiful countryside. Routes also gave you many opportunities to stop and enjoy the culture of each city.

    Boat: MS Florentina

    Countries: Czech Republic

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Ileana G. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The visit to Strekov castle was one of the more memorable moments. We had time to explore the ruins. Otherwise, we did not stop anywhere for long. The other spot where we stopped for a while was Terezin, site of a Nazi concentration camp. At Pillnitz castle near Dresden, we were given 15 or 20 minutes to tour the gardens if we wished. Overall, the pace was fast and the trip felt a little rushed. The description of the ride as easy is a little inaccurate. There were some hills to contend with, especially on the first day. I would have liked a little more free time in the pretty towns of Melnik and Litomerice. Most accommodations had no air conditioning, and it was very hot when I made the trip in late July-early August.

  • Golden City of Prague
    by Jan W. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Just finished this trip, in August 2017. We had a 2 bed (twin) room and had plenty of space for our suitcases and also to unpack for a week. Loved the international favor of all the guests, my group of 3 were the only Americans. Biking was easy but with a few challenging hills to keep you interested. Many people used electric bikes, but my 7 speed bike was fine. ( I bike in Northern NJ so I am very use to hills) Experience following a cue sheet would be recommended to anyone who goes on this trip. But most of the routes were easy to follow, although wrong turns is always part of the adventure! Although most of the information said Euros on board, you can pay your ship bill (bar bill) with Czech Koruna, Euros or Credit card. But any excursions you book had to be paid with Euro cash. Food on board was good and seconds were always offered. Boat is docked in the Old Town very close to Charles Bridge. Easy to arrange your own walking tours if you find like I did, the boat Read more… offered tours of Prague were a bit high. Wonderful biking in the county side, visiting Castles, and just enjoying the Czech Republic. We had a few grandparents and teen grandchildren on our trip. Each night our tour guide met with the English speaking riders to review the next day's route. I have done many bike and barge trips before, and this was the most comfortable barge I have been on. I would recommend this bike and barge trip for anyone who wants to enjoy Prague and the Czech Republic.

    Boat: MS Florentina

    Countries: Czech Republic

  • Golden City of Prague
    by Suasan O. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    In the height of the tourist season 4 of us booked the Golden City of Prague bike/barge and enjoyed every aspect of this route and three nights on the boat in the heart of city. The Florentina is a fabulous accommodation for this venture up the Vltava and Elbe Rivers. The staff provide good but not obsequious service. The food served was a pleasant surprise and our guide was helpful and informative. I would recommend that bikers have experience in wayfinding or be able to download maps to assist them. Along with this skill, the presentations (in English) and the written descriptions/maps in the booklets kept us on track. Much of the bike trails are along the rivers' edge and the condition varied from paved to gravel to rough, but that just made it more interesting.

    All the Czech people we encountered were helpful and friendly. We enjoyed the historic towns of Litomerice, Melnick, the birthplace of Dvorak and the many Lobkowicz palace(s.) We did a short bike ride Read more… to Terezin and absorbed the ancient and recent history of this fortress. In Prague we especially enjoyed our tour of the Municipal House and a gallery exhibit of Mucha. For modern art and architecture seek out art installations by the contemporary artist David Cerny and the "Dancing House." I was very impressed with the hard work and pride of the Czech people and their commitment to building a new economy.

    Boat: MS Florentina

    Countries: Czech Republic

  • Golden City of Prague
    by John F. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Our favorite part: Viewing Prague at night from Charles bridge

    Boat: MS Florentina

    Countries: Czech Republic

  • Spa Triangle and Prague
    by Diane I. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Most memorable: The rolling hills and how all the natural beauty was so breathtaking that I hardly even minded when I had to pedal through the rain.

    Suggestions: The provided breakfasts were varied. However, if you're vegan or vegetarian, head to some grocery stores or pack protein bars; it's definitely a country with a meat-based diet.

    This is an absolutely gorgeous tour! The route is planned really well to give you a variety of things to do. The scenery is utterly picturesque, full of rolling hills, idyllic pastures full of cattle and wheat and wildflowers. If you're into architecture, you can see Medieval castles along nearly every path and you can marvel at the influence of different cultures when it comes to town centers. Want to take it easy and go to some hot springs for relaxing baths? There's time for that. Don't want to go up some really tough hills? Take a ski lift. What's that? You *do* want more biking? Great, head on Read more… over to Germany! Because you stay the night in the same place a couple of times, you have flexibility with the loops you take. You can pick your own form of relaxation, whether that's at a spa or in the saddle.

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Csop G. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Most memorable part: The scenery. The varied landscape. The entire trip was an adventure. Definitely tack on an extra day or two in Prague and Dresden. It will make for a perfect holiday.

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Ana Karla Oliveira 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We loved the whole trip from Prague to Dresden ... Beautiful places to visit and spend a few hours admiring ... All the cities that we slept were special ... We chose premium option to stay in 4 star hotels, really Prague and Dresden were But the rest can be considered 1 or 2 stars ... The level of difficulty of the route is really easy even, very few climbs and are short ... The bikes were excellent, the maps very well elaborated ... I would just like to Suggesting that you take a closer look at Pravcicka Gate, because it was a very long walk, about 5 hours (round trip) to visit it ... It is beautiful, unique, wonderful landscapes, worth visiting , But you have to prepare for long distances ... This was the third time we hired the tripsite and it was great! As of other times, the pedaling was AMAZING! We recommend! We are already dreaming of the next! :))

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Csop Glew 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    As our first self guided cycling trip, we can not see how this experiene could be better. The scenery was extraordinary, the accommodations were excellent and the trip coordinator was superb! We highly recommend this trip. Can't wait to do another trip!

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Alan G. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The most memorable part was the biking along the rivers.

  • Prague to Budapest
    by Annette Weaver 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    A fabulous tour. Friendly countries to cycle in, great history and a variety of terrain. Would recommend an extra night in Znojmo to give you a chance to go discover the catacombs.and a chance to enjoy the magnificent view , wine and delicious food from the local winery. Would check with the tour company to ensure that the bikes will be delivered the night before so they can be checked out.
    The Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia were places we had never been to and they exceeded my expectations hugely. Accommodation was chosen well and the bike company was very helpful.

  • Tripsite Traveler: Where on Earth is Moravia?
    by mike 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Great blog post! I also really enjoyed the pictures. The pictures and the captions gave me a sense of what these places are like. I especially liked the food photos. I do have to end this comment with a question, why not Munich, Germany?

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Cheryl W. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Mostly we enjoyed the country side. We did not have the greatest weather but we made the most of it.