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  • Famous Villages of Provence
    by Neil and Reute 5 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was our first biking trip so I can't make comprisons. All I can say is "absolutely fantastic". The detail and accuracy of the maps and directions is impressive. The scenery magnificent. The hotels and restaurants well chosen. There were a few hills on the way but the itinerary allows plenty of time to get from place to place. Having a couple of nights in each hotel is a benifit. Definitely recommended.

    Countries: France

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Margaret Collins 5 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The four country tour on the My Story was an amazing adventure. From the time we boarded the boat til the last evening it was very well organized. The staff were friendly and fun and helpful. The bikes were comfortable and the staff made sure they fit each person. The bike rides each day were well planned with lots of information on the wonderful stops along the way. The meals were amazing with lots of choices.

    Thank you so much to trip site and the staff on the My Story for making our holiday a very memorable one. We enjoyed out trip so much we are looking forward to doing another one in the near future.

    Boat: My Story

  • Discover the Dordogne-old version
    by Jim and Dianne 5 years ago         Verified Reviewer

    Chateau and countryside were beautiful. All accommodation and meals were very nice. We loved the Bergerac wines and came to like the regional specialty of goose foie gras.

    Countries: France

  • Heel of Italy
    by Ruyter Aquino 5 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Gostaria de salientar o quanto foi positivo nosso passeio, desde a bike, hospedagem, transporte de bagagem e roteiro. A Tripsite e a Girolibero estão de parabéns pela parceria. Ano que vem acredito ter mais viagem pela Tripsite. Obrigado

    Countries: Italy

  • Along the Danube - Passau to Vienna
    by Joanne MacRae 5 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was our best trip to Europe as it involved lots of fresh air and exercise in a dream like setting. We sang "the Sound of Music" as we cycled across the German border into Austria.

    The bicycles were top notch. The food on board was fabulous and the customer service was excellent. We were so pleased with the Pack and Pedal Europe organization for giving us lots of valuable information before we arrived on board. We felt we were well prepared for the bike and boat adventure. The whole experience exceeded our expectations! I would definitely advise anyone to take the "Comfort Relaxed Tour" as it identified us with a group of fellow cyclers on journey with an experienced guide who introduced us to the culture and cuisine of local villages in Austria. We appreciate all of the travelling tips and advice we received from Pack and Pedal as all of our inquiries were answered promptly. I highly recommend this tour to anyone. The bicycles were in top working Read more… order and cycling on the paved pathways along the Danube was a breeze for anyone in decent physical shape. We can't wait to return and take another trip!

    Boat: Normandie

    Countries: Austria, Germany

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Judi 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    If you want a great bike-and-barge trip, the My Story "4 Country Tour" should be high on the list for consideration. All of the staff are polite, courteous and helpful, full of energy and enthusiasm to help make your trip a pleasure. We didn't have the best weather, but even so, the rides were beautiful, safe and fun. They were accurately described as easy to moderate and the morning briefings with the maps were most helpful. As an American, I was so impressed with the European bikeways, which are well maintained in all the countries visited. The staff, cruise director and hotel director were terrific and ready to help with any concerns. They saw to it everyone had a great time! The bike tour of Budapest and the music concert in Vienna were our favorite extra tours. I would recommend this trip for anyone who would like a vacation with exercise to work off the great food and who wants to see a lot of country in a short time.

    Boat: My Story

  • Miltenberg to Koblenz
    by FRED 6 years ago         Verified Reviewer

    Good trip, crew great, not one meal however with a German main dish!

    The guide needs to get off the Dutch bias. We were in Germany so we would have liked to see some things from the German point of view not the Dutch "bias" to say it nicely!

    Boat: Allure

    Countries: Germany

  • Breisgau & Alsace Wine Road
    by Kevin Wolley 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This is a beautiful part of the world to see, and doing it via bike is excellent. We wanted to do it on a tandem, which the tour operator did not offer, so we rented one from a bike shop in Freiburg, and that worked out fine. The hotels were good, and so were the breakfast buffets that they offered. The distances cycled each day were good, which is to say short enough to allow stopping along the way as suited us, and arriving at the hotel in the evening with some time left to look around. We found part of our prescribed route to be flooded by the Rhine, so we had to divert to the roads through nearby German villages. This turned out to be fine, as a few miles on the Rhine levee is enough--after that, it gets a bit monotonous. The flower bedecked villages of Alsace are sensational. We ate wonderful French cuisine, and came home with a trove of beautiful pictures from this trip! On the negative side, the tour maps need to be improved. They are not detailed enough, far too often Read more… making it hard to know where the turn points of the route are. North is not always at the top on the maps, and there are no markings to indicate where north lies. The print is miniscule, so street names are almost impossible to read. The written directions accompanying the maps need improvement, too, due to occasional lapses of detail. The tour operator could solve these problems by offering handlebar mounted moving-map GPS rental. I believe people would be willing to pay for this additional aid. Overall, we are satisfied with this tour, and hope Pack and Pedal/Tripsite will work at refining their guidance to make it even better for those who take it later.

    Countries: France, Germany

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Jose Mª Duque Heras 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    * Impresión general: muy buena, satisfechos con la organización

    * el equipo entregado y la infraestructura muy buena

    * personal y atención : buenos

    * régimen de comida muy bien

    * rutas programadas: muy adecuadas, fáciles y atractivas

    * como aspecto negativo: falta de guias en español

    Gracias por todo

    Boat: My Story

  • Tulip Tour - Amsterdam to Bruges - 8 day
    by James Dowie 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    the captain was wonderful and the nice part was he had his two daughters on for a few days and they were lovely. They also had there small dog who was great. Missed the dog when he went with the girls. The guide Lia was excellent and very helpful at all times. They rearranged the direction of the tour to cope with the wind and to go to the Keukenhof on a day when it was not so busy. The Keukenhof Gardens were at its peak the day we went. We will never forget that day. There were many highlights the cheese farm, the floralies were flowers are sold world wide, and so many other things like a barge tour at night in one town. I could go on for pages.

    Waldy the helper was always there with a smile and never did he let me carry a bag. The cabins were neat and clean. Alf the cook who did the food was sensational every day . Alf and I had a birthday on the same day (April 21st) and they had a party for us. It was my 82nd birthday one I will never forget. All the other guests were Read more… great and we mixed so well. We bonded the first day even though we were from many different backgrounds. The e-bike you arranged allowed me to keep up with everybody. It was always ready and charged up each morning. I had a minor tumble in Amsterdam landed on my head and the helmets provided did the job. Guess I have a hard head too. Only damage is a sore thumb. When it hurts from time to time it brings back fantastic memories of our wonderful trip a very positive feeling. My wife and I really hope life will let us take another bike and barge trip in Europe.

    I really can not thank you all enough for the wonderful happiness you provide.

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Bolzano - Mantova - Venice
    by Debbie 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We did the Bolzano to Mantova bicycle trip, what an awesome experience. We loved every moment of it. Thank you for the wonderful trip, the hotels were excellent, the road maps we could not have done without. The signs from Pescheria to Mantova were not as good as the beginning - less to follow but on the whole I trip that we can recommend. The Ava Maria - 5 star, with a crew led by captain Connie and tour guide Helmut, not to mention the excellent food. Well organised and worth every penny

    Boat: Ave Maria

    Countries: Italy

  • Around Medieval Ludlow
    by Chris Prince 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Loads of fun and quite hilly. The castle at Stokesay and Ludlow were worth the price of admission alone. Locals are super friendly, climate mild during the summer. Some fairly treacherous roads to traverse, and moderately challenging mapping. Fantastically fun, though! Made for a great adventure for the second part of our honeymoon.

    Countries: England, Wales

  • Around Lake Constance
    by Chris Prince 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Absolutely the greatest vacation I've ever had. My wife and I did this for our honeymoon- Tripsite made planning this an absolute breeze. Picturesque sights, loads of activities and things to do. This was the quintessential vacation/honeymoon.

  • Main Trail
    by William Osborn 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Just back from Germany yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you for helping with the arrangements for the trip. We really enjoyed ourselves. Everything worked out perfectly for the bikes, hotels, and transportation.

    Countries: Germany

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Wendy Davey 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    What a fantastic trip. From the moment we were on board we knew it was going to be well organised and professional. The barge "My Story" was always very clean and the food was fantastic along with the staff very helpful and accommodating. The cycling along the Danube was picture perfect. All the extra tours were well organised. Wonderful memories! Thankyou.

    Boat: My Story

  • Dalmatia from Dubrovnik Plus
    by Donna Flotron 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This is a well run tour with some minor irritations.The ebikes are not very safe as they have very small wheels with a high seat and handle bars.Only 8 ebikes were used but there were 3 accidents due to the balance issue.

    Crew and guides were very good and very hospitable.

    Boat: Harmonia

    Countries: Croatia

  • Dolomites to Venice
    by Yarden Dor 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I just came back from this trip two days ago and all I can say is "wow!"

    Not only were the views absolutely amazing and dramatically different each day, but the tour itself exceeded my expectations! All the hotels were clean and comfortable, and you can really tell that the individuals who organize the trip truly care about what they do as well as your satisfaction! The directions were super easy to follow each day and even provided further detail about certain key cities or building.

    Such an enjoyable trip! Will definitely book another! Thank you for a great time!

    Countries: Italy

  • Dolomites to Venice
    by Natana Shek 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I have done many self guided trips across Europe. This trip I did with my two daughters. This was by far the best organized and coordinated trip I have every done. The support, the hotels and the bikes were outstanding. The people involved in coordinating bike delivery and some transport were engaging and very interesting sharing the history of the landscape and area. The ride itself was magnificent with no two days being the same. I highly recommend this trip and this tour operator!

    Countries: Italy

  • Amsterdam to Bruges
    by Jean Stock 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I had always wanted to take a bike and barge trip in Europe for many years and finally did as my retirement celebration. Everything about the tour exceeded my expectations! The bicycling through the country, villages and cities was pleasant; our tour guide Sjac (Jack) aboard the FLUVIUS was friendly, helpful, indefatigable and could speak 4 languages; the camaraderie with the other cyclists and staff was outstanding; the food was excellent; the cabins were clean and actually bigger than I expected for a barge; and we lucked out and had perfect bicycling weather day after day. The folks at tripsite always responded quickly and were very helpful when I emailed or called them with questions. I would highly recommend this mode of travel as a way to get exercise and see Europe close up!

    Boat: Fluvius

    Countries: Netherlands, Belgium

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Marilyn Kuntze 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I did the four country tour along the Danbue with 11 others. We booked through Tripsite. From the beginning I was impressed with the friendly and professional backup from the staff. The trip was better than expected. The boat "My Story" -friendly staff, delicious Food, nice atmosphere. We had good weather, tours well explained and organized with no time pressure. My husband and I did the trip six years ago and enjoyed it and recommended it to friends and Family in the USA. I believe that all were very pleased with everything, This is ideal for a bike that is doing something like this for the first time.

    Boat: My Story

  • Along the Dalmatian Coast
    by Don Lubach 6 years ago         Verified Reviewer

    Our family would set sail on this trip again. It is overreaching to describe the accommodations as luxurious in any way. But the skill and friendliness of the crew is all the luxury anyone needs. The owner has carefully mapped out the most charming bicycle routes with great care. Our 13 and 15-year-old daughters were never bored -- and that means a lot. I liked that there were no hidden costs and even extra beer/wine was a great price (not like evil cruise ship prices.) This group took care of unexpected extras, like helping us with our phone cards and finding us at the airport. Thank You.

    Boat: Odisej

    Countries: Croatia

  • Along the Dalmatian Coast
    by Dave Wallace 6 years ago         Verified Reviewer

    Inga and I enjoyed our boat and bike trip on the northern Dalmatian Islands very much. We will do it again! The boat, accommodations, meals bicycling and hosts were all we expected. And scenery on the islands and sea are breath-taking.

    Boat: Odisej

    Countries: Croatia

  • Around Romantic Bruges
    by Martin Bay 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We are really impressed and will give all our friends top ratings on Brugge.

    Great things to say about the hotel and the area. June is cool weather - bring jacket & light rain gear, but just expect to get a little wet every day and you won't be disappointed.

    Paul and Mannie are great. One runs the hotel and one the B&B. They are very helpful and good people. There are not real "rides". You get a map, you ask questions and you go ride. It's just not that specific. A total beginner needs a little more hand-holding. Nancy & I did not.

    Breakfast is filling & tasty. Cereal, juice, coffee (more American than most of the places in Belgium), toast, cheese, ham (really good ham), and a soft boiled egg every day. Plus yogurt, fruit, jams/jellies, and always something sweet like a cookie/chocolate. And an apple, kiwi, or banana to go.

    You don't need to eat again until 2pm.

    It stays light until 10:30, so you end up eating Read more… late.

    Mondays & Thursdays pose the most challenge with eating out. And you have to venture outside the cirucular canal to find groceries who sell you sandwiches and trinkets at normal prices. Everything inside the canal is triple price.

    All chocolate shops are good. Dumon is excellent because they are more creative and they put more thought into their display.

    The cobblestones get a little old after awhile, but the bikes have spring seats and low-air tires so it's not too bad. Ride a road bike through the town at your own risk. :-)

    Be prepared for wind. We were so surprised at the cooler June temps; very pleasant. A light jacket and a rain-proof attitude is all you need.

    The hotel internet logs you off constantly, so every 30 min or so you have to log back on, but otherwise is very solid. I had good VPN all the time, so I could check work emails.

    The B&B is larger rooms, with larger showers. If you are over 200 lbs, you get a little cramped in the hotel showers. But otherwise, the hotel is great value It's in a quiet area, and yet only minutes walking or riding to all the touristy things.

    I'd Recommend the Groeninge Museum for art collection. It's fascinating and all the works are in top shape.

    The Diamont Museum is a must is you have any interest at all in diamonds. The demonstration for an extra 3 euros each was well worth it.

    And the restaurant across the street (forgot the name) is great value and offers free wifi.

    There is no common language. You may hear Dutch, German, French or English spoken at any store. But everyone has enough English to get by. Paul says he can sell a room in 6 different languages. :-)

    Countries: Belgium

  • Mantova to Venice or Venice to Mantova
    by Jim Elkan 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    What can I say?

    This was our 10th trip, I believe, with Pack and Pedal and it was outstanding! The Ave Maria was a beautiful boat; modern, clean and roomy. The three of us from Kansas City: Stanley, KartaPurhk and myself enjoyed the company of 27 others and it was a week of great riding, camaraderie and superb food. The crew of the Ave Maria: Tullio and , Luciano got the boat to where it needed to be safely and on time every day. The chefs: Vera and Erica prepared wonderful meals each day while catering to individual's specific dietary needs. Helmut, our bike guide was patient and knowledgeable. It's not easy herding 25-29 bicyclers safely each day from point A to point B and back to the boat each late afternoon. a "well done" to Helmut.

    The real highlight of the trip for the three of us was getting to meet Hennie for the first time when she visited the Ave Maria. What a delightful person she is!

    The trip exceeded all of our high expectations Read more… and we look forward to our European trip next year through Tripsite.

    Jim E.

    Boat: Ave Maria

    Countries: Italy

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Daniel Edwards 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    we just returned from our trip. Brugges to Amsterdam. It was AWESOME. We had such a great time on the Gandalf with Hans. Els was our biking guide. She was terrific. It was fabulous and a great way to spend my 50th birthday!

    Thank you for everything you did to arrange this trip for us. We will be back on some other trip in the future.

    Boat: Gandalf

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Along the Dalmatian Coast
    by B and E Cooper 6 years ago         Verified Reviewer

    We have just returned from this boat and bike tour. It was absolutely wonderful ! The hosts were very friendly & accommodating, the food was excellent, the bikes and saddles were very good, the riding was mainly easy, the scenery was spectacular and finally, it was a very relaxing holiday !!!

    Boat: Odisej

    Countries: Croatia

  • Tauern Path
    by Ron Zauski 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Fantastic! We road the Aare two years ago and it was great. We sought something a bit more challenging and selected this ride. We stayed in lots of small towns, biked on beautiful trails, and saw scenery just as exquisite as is shown on this site. Salzburg was outstanding. We had only one stretch of riding on a road with traffic; otherwise, it was serene.

    Countries: Austria

  • Provence - Wilderness of Camargue
    by J. Geraerdts 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    At first we were hesitant to book another bike and barge trip-- how could it ever compare with the 2012 tour on the Ave Maria, with Hein as guide, which set the bar so high?

    The Provence trip did look very interesting and, after fretting about the significant uphills, we did go ahead and book, adding the ebike option.

    We were able to board the Soleo as, apparently there was a cancellation. We had asked you to request a transfer from the other boat-- thanks.

    The trip was excellent! The crew was very capable and accommodating. Our guide, Martina, especially helped make the trip memorable. She maintained her sense of humor throughout. Any setbacks were met only with a "mama mia" and difficulties, either overcome or anticipated, were "a piece of cake".

    The cycling was, as compared to the Venice trip, both more challenging and more interesting. The weather did not always cooperate but there was no complaining . We think we have come to realize Read more… that those who book into this type of travel are a little more adventurous and require less pampering than the typical big boat cruise passengers.

    We are in our 70's and were probably the oldest couple on the barge but we had no more difficulties than anyone else. Our Tripsite shirts made us look to be very veteran riders. Everything, in the final analysis, was "a piece of cake".

    Suggestions: The museum at Pont du Gard is very worthwhile. Giro Libero should consider making a little more time available for this and to stress its value. Likewise, we enjoyed the Lumieres at Les Baux. Many in the group did not have much awareness of this very interesting and innovative show. It would be helpful to promote this attraction.

    Boat: L’Estello

    Countries: France

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Bonnie Johnson 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Not too sure what I can say that the above feedback haven't already said. We travelled as a group of 6 on the Magnifique from Brugge to Amsterdam May 31st to June 7th, 2014. Everything and everyone was top notch. We started out with Carl as our Captain but due to holidays the barges owner, Walter, took over. Not only can he handle the barge but he does a mean BBQ. Our guide Tom was perfect. With a great sense of humour and and sweet personality. There was not one person who did not get along with him. Meeka, bar tender, server, cleaner, and Peter the amazing cook finished off the crew. The barge itself was fantastic. No complaints there. The beds are extremely comfortable.

    Unfortunately one of our group was not able to complete the trip but we did meet a great group of people from all over the world.

    I am not the greatest biker but thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey and would do it again.

    Boat: Magnifique (Princesse Royal)

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Riccione - Villages & Castles
    by Mary B 6 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This was my second biking holiday. Like the first one to Croatia, Hennie and her staff took care of all the details. All I had to do was enjoy.

    With five riding-group levels to choose, those who wanted to do extreme riding could. Those of us with lesser ambitions could still enjoy challenging rides interspersed with photo stops and cappuccino breaks. My group, Bikeness, rode along the Adriatic coast, through the rolling hills of Emilia-Romagna, and up the mountainous terrain to San Marino.

    Each day we returned to Hotel Dory to fabulous food and fellowship.

    This trip was a delight.

    Countries: Italy