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  • Merzig to Mainz or Mainz to Merzig
    by Jocelyn M. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    The calmness and organization of the bike and barge event was refreshing. Barge was excellent, owners outstanding, timing and biking routes very pleasurable.

    Boat: Merlijn

    Countries: Germany

  • Merzig to Mainz or Mainz to Merzig
    by Penelope R. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    The scenery along the Mosel River was breathtaking, and the staff and guide on the barge and bike tours were top notch. Very quality focused and very pleasant to be with during the entire week. This is a special experience for all.

    Boat: Merlijn

    Countries: Germany

  • Along the Danube - Passau, Bratislava, and Vienna
    by Judith B. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    The Danube River is beautiful. My most memorable day was the last one of our week, when we cycled mostly through parks along the Danube in Austria. Weather was pleasant and the quietude, along with the autumn colors and few remaining flowers, was spectacular.

    Boat: Theodor Körner

  • Merzig to Mainz or Mainz to Merzig
    by Carol T. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    Our bike guide was outstanding.

    Boat: Merlijn

    Countries: Germany

  • Bruges to Paris or Paris to Bruges
    by Paula Clair S. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    The scenery was a photograph almost each moment. Incredibly knowledgeable guide made every day a new adventure. Plus a very doable ride for all skill level.

    Boat: Feniks

    Countries: Belgium, France

  • Amsterdam to Bruges
    by Kathi T. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    The entire trip was fantastic. I personally could have benefited with a few less km per day but that is my fault for not training as much as I should have. The chef and the guide, Leroy and Alfonse were amazing. The boat was comfortable and elegant. First rate all around!

    Boat: Magnifique II

    Countries: Netherlands, Belgium

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Laurence M. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    The daily rides were the perfect combination of distance and scenery. The ship and staff were excellent as was the food served in the dining room. We would definitely recommend this ride and cruise to our friends.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Cheryl T. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    Absolutely fabulous trip, even though we didn't see much sun. It seemed the rain always held off until we were sheltered. The clouds added to the beauty of the gorgeous countryside. Our guide, Mike, did not coddle us, so we were able to cycle in our individual comfort zones. The "Dutch Mountains" (head winds) challenged us on a few days, but only added to the flavour of the trip. Mike introduced us to some lovely spots for our coffee/lunch breaks to re-energise.
    Staff on board the Lisa Marleen were delightful & helpful too. Many good memories, but the one that stands out was in the last day when we had, more then usual, rain squalls & intermittent sunshine. This, of course, resulted in rainbows. At least 4! We deemed it "rainbow day". It was a Rainbow of a trip.

    Boat: Liza Marleen

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Southern Dalmatia
    by Claudia H. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    Most Memorable Part: The beautiful scenery, the people and guides and the biking

    Boat: Romantica

    Countries: Croatia

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Shelly F. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    It was our 35th anniversary and we had lots of alone time to tour ourselves but also met the nicest people on the boat

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Heel of Italy
    by Jan H. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    Fabulous Trip. Well signposted for being a self guided tour. Hotels great in good locations. Beautiful scenery.

    Countries: Italy

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Barbara M. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    Scenery que sheets needed to be more precise. Several of us got lost on our last day and therefore couldn't tour the Melk Abbey. I was very disappointed we ended up biking 50 miles instead of 26.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Algarve
    by Ed N. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    As you know from our past two trips, Romantic Road Austria/Germany and Provence, France, we thoroughly enjoyed both of them, both for similar and different reasons. We do enjoy the self guided component on these trips. In France, we found the e-bike addition to be worth the cost. All in all, both trips were great, including the very rideable off road trails and paths.
    That brings us to the recent Algarve trip. First of all, the bikes were, by far, the best quality that we have experienced and the staff at Portugal Trails were all very friendly and helpful. Also, the gps addition was great! However, the off road trails were almost unrideable and dangerous with a thick layer of large particle gravel on at least 75% of their length and many deep erosion created gullies. On our two previous trips, as I mentioned above, the trails were in very good condition. The Algarve off road trails were not at all, in our opinion, suited for hybrid bikes, maybe mountain bikes, but not hybrids. In fact, we missed most of the scenery along the way because we had to concentrate on the surface so we didn't slide on a piece of gravel, especially downhill.
    On a positive note, all but 2 of the hotels were very enjoyable, especially Herdade da Corte Tavira. We loved the personality of the people and the culture of Portugal very much. One final disappointment was that all of our luggage was not delivered to the final hotel until 7:30 PM after we had to call to point out that we were missing 2 suitcases, causing us to miss touring Sagres.

    Countries: Portugal

  • Famous Villages of Provence
    by Bill & Kristy C. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    This was a wonderful trip! My wife and I did the trip in late September 2017 and we had a great time. It was the first time that we have used e bikes and we loved them! The maps were good but using the GPS made the trip, taking us on quaint back roads and side alleys so we didn't even have to stop and look at the maps! Hotels and scenery were fabulous, and of course the wine and food as well. We give this trip a 5/5 and look forward to our next Tripsite adventure

    Countries: France

  • Camino de Santiago Bike Tour
    by Mike Tansey 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    I have taken many Tripsite bike/barge tours but this was my first van-supported tour. Sergio and Enrique, did a fantastic job of guiding our group of 9 along the route. The hybrid bikes provided were sturdy and in good condition. As others have noted, the coastal portions are relatively easy and flat - on beach promenades and boardwalks - but, once inland, the difficulty level increases drastically. The 20%+ grades on narrow lanes were a challenge but fun. Well, they were more fun going down than up :) You will ride on every type of surface - good pavement, wooden boardwalks, cobblestones, loose sand, rocks, gravel dirt tracks, forest trails, city streets, dodging traffic in the many roundabouts ... The daily distances are not that long but you are guaranteed to be tired at the end of the day! I would highly recommend this trip to any experienced and fit cyclist! The accommodations and food were first rate all the way. And the fact that we were riding the Camino de Santiago, the same route as the pilgrims walk, make the trip extra special.

    Countries: Portugal, Spain

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Tammy K. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    Visiting the Wachau valley was my favorite part of the trip. Entertainment on the ship was the only down side and that was just a small part of the trip.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Dalmatia from Dubrovnik Plus
    by Steve S. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    Biking in Dalmatia islands is spectacular, and Harmonia crew and guides were particularly accommodating. We never could have seen these places on our own. That's a point worth reinforcing: don't expect to go off on your own too much--you need to stick with the group to make sure that you're at the boat at the time of departure, but the payoff in info and support from the guides is well worth it.

    Bikes were excellent quality--make sure you make clear whether you want a regular bike or e-bike well in advance--staff will strive to meet your needs but it pays to be sure.

    It was also a treat to get to know an international group of similarly inclined people--very friendly people who all meshed well.

    Boat: Harmonia

    Countries: Croatia

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Sue H. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    I really enjoyed the first and last days a lot which were in the beautiful countryside along the Danube. It was good to see the cities but the visits too short to really visit anything in depth.
    I recommend the Mozart concert which I really enjoyed.
    I loved meeting people from other countries and wish we could have had meal seating change every couple of days to mix with other people who also were interested in meeting others.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers
    by Patricia M. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    This was a wonderful vacation (from Prague to Dresden via Bohemia). Being a solo traveler I welcomed the guidance and support offered by this tour. Lucas and Vitek provided historical and cultural info along the route; the hotels, meals, and excursions all combined to make this an easy, active and memorable holiday. Can't wait for the next adventure!

  • Danube Bike Path - Vienna to Budapest
    by Terence W. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    Favorite Part: A short cycling day through quiet, autumnal countryside, took us to Bratislava leaving us with oodles of time to spend exploring colorful backstreets and the rise to the impressive castle.

  • Kvarner Bay Plus
    by Bet C. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    Most memorable part of trip was the beautiful little towns on the Croatian Islands with their medieval streets and the historical aspect of the towns with Roman remains.

    Boat: Andela Lora

    Countries: Croatia

  • Bolzano - Mantova - Venice
    by Rosemary B. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    Most Memorable Parts: the swimming off the boat, out in the ocean after a hot bike ride, were amazing.
    The historical information from our tour guides was outstanding.
    The food was DELICIOUS.
    Sunsets out on the water were glorious

    Boat: Vita Pugna

    Countries: Italy

  • Metz to Cochem or Cochem to Metz
    by Rita J. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    Most Memorable Part: The knowledge of our guide, Wouter, and the beautiful vineyards along the river. I loved how we were riding on a flat, easy and beautiful path, but could see and appreciate the steep mountain vineyards! This is our third Tripsite adventure and we have enjoyed each one. In fact, as we were driving home from the airport my husband was booking our next trip - Northern Holland!

    Boat: Iris

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Gary & Anne F. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    The comfort guide was somewhat disappointing and the on ship tour director was disorganized and dismissive. While the comfort guide did give some good suggestions, the bike tour through Vienna would have better been replaced by a bus tour, as the group was very large, traffic was heavy and the whole experience was somewhat dangerous to anyone not a very experienced rider. We were led to believe that the bike tour in Vienna would be easy, on nice paths , not crowded or busy, whereas the opposite was the case. The tour guide through Vienna, a local, did not wear an identifying vest, and travelled too quickly, More instruction for the riders not experienced with electric bikes would have been appreciated. A session especially on the electric bikes while on board the ship would be an improvement. We paid extra for a top level cabin, but it seemed to be nearly exactly the same as the cabins one level down. While the food was good, and the service was excellent, we wearied of the sauces typical of continental cuisine and the small salads. Bike lunches and water were good. Fresh fruit was available at breakfast.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Prague to Budapest
    by Dean Mitzel 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    This was our third bike tour with Tripsite and we were glad we came back. We we were able to see 3 new countries for the first time (Czech Rep, Slovakia and Hungary) with the same excellent logistics, accommodations and food we experienced on our other two trips. Tripsite staff was there whenever we needed support in any country. We'll be back!

  • Tripsite Traveler: Cycling & Safari in South Africa
    by Billy 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    This sounds so amazing! I would love to go on a bike tour in South Africa and see all of the amazing animals while doing my favorite exercise! I currently have only done bike tours in Napa and Sonoma County, where you can also visit wineries while on the tour. Its so much fun! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Countries: South Africa

  • Merzig to Mainz or Mainz to Merzig
    by Gina & Pat G. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    Everything was perfect! I cannot pinpoint one specific part but can say that we felt welcomed from the moment we stepped on the barge, all needs were met, including some that we had not thought of ourselves! It was the details to make this trip relaxing, stress free, comfortable, fun, full of laughter, memorable! I really like sweet wine and Jantien went out of her way to get the best sweet wine. Jantien, Henk and the rest of the staff as well as our guide were always one step ahead for all our needs: waterproof caps for the helmets on a drizzly day, drying our shoes and jackets when we returned, helping a passenger find a dentist when they lost a cap, the beautiful fresh flowers and special table decor for all our meals, impeccable service, the cleanliness of the ship, stamps and mail service to send our postcards, making dinner reservations, arranging taxis, laundry service, sharing the cultural differences both for education and comedy, and being social with the entire group and not just as boat owners. We thoroughly enjoyed them accompanying us on a few outings, offering fun surprises like a staff member playing the part of the Loreley as we passed the statue on the shoreline. We have never felt so relaxed, laughed so much, and felt so pampered!! Jantien, Henk, Lia, Miele and the rest hold special places in our hearts and we look forward to seeing them again in the future! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Boat: Merlijn

    Countries: Germany

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Christopher 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    The experience on the barge far exceeded the expectations for my wife and the other 6 members of the group. The quality of the food, the excellence (and friendliness) of service , and the outstanding visuals of the meal presentations were an absolute delight.
    If I were asked for recommendations (I left these comments on the end of cruise comment card), would be to improve internet service and to make sure there is at least one English speaking television channel available.
    Other than that, everything was wonderful.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Jenny K. 11 months agoPermalink/Reply

    Most Memorable Part: Waking up each morning at a new port in the middle of no where with castles and beauty all around. Tip: Take all the bottled water you are able to as not freely available (although I drank the ship's water and it was fine). Don't rely on internet.

    Boat: MS Carissima