Barge Charters & Groups

Are you planning a special group event for your family, friends, or club? Let us help you plan! Chartering a boat or special tour date allows for greater flexibility. Many times a bike tour can be tailor made or a bike and boat tour can be planned with alterations in the itinerary.

For example, take a look at our Tailor Made Tours in Holland! Our local operators in the majority of our tour destinations are willing and able to assist with special requests!

Many things are possible and we would be happy to assist you with your planning details, taking into account the size of your group, your destination, and your requests for dates and itinerary.

To assist you, please provide the following information:

  • Good estimate of the size of your group as pricing per person many times depends on size of group
  • Type of tour requested: Bike, bike and boat, guided, self-guided
  • Length of tour
  • Level of accommodations
  • Cycling ability
  • Country, region, and interests

If you are interested in chartering an entire boat, it is important to contact us early. Bike and boat charters are already being requested and booked for the 2019 cycling season.

Contact us about a charter or call 1 800 951 4384 (in the USA) or +1 570 965 2065 Internationally.