Contest + Giveaways

Trip Credit Giveaway

We are excited to be offering a chance to win $1,200 in Tripsite tour credit to one lucky Tripsite Traveler! (here)[]

How to enter:

1. Submit a travel blog* sharing your experience while on one of our outstanding tours! (*See Blog Guidelines below)
2. Submit feedback from your trip (sent after your return) or a review online
3. Submit photos/video from your trip


  • Blog Entries should be sent to
  • Blogs should be shared/attached as either a Google Doc or Microsoft Word Doc
  • Provide a headshot of yourself and a 1-3 sentence bio to accompany your story
  • Reviews and Feedback will automatically enter you in the running upon completion
  • Photos should be high-res and in jpeg format
  • All submissions must be in by December 1, 2024.

*Travel Blog Guidelines:

  • Must have traveled with us in 2024
  • Between 500-1200 Words in length
  • Must contain at least 10 photos
  • Photos must be inserted within the body of the blog with detailed captions (Do not send multiple emails or attachments)

What do we mean by Blog Entry?

  • An account of the entire tour experience. This can be broken down by day or can simply be an account of the entire tour.
  • We aren’t looking for “Today, I rode my bike. It was fun. Then I ate some tasty food…” You can do much better than that...and you are going to have to if you plan on winning our Grand Prize!
  • We are looking for a vivid and exciting account of your travels. Push yourself creatively to dig deeper than just a description. You are telling a story, your story. Your emotion, wonder, and excitement should shine through and leave the reader wanting more!

Helpful Tips:

  • Come up with an angle. Don’t just write about your itinerary. Go beyond and explore new things (That is the best way to travel). Example: What’s special? What’s new, old, first, best, worst? What’s exciting? Apply these angles to subjects like food, culture, religion, architecture, customs, entertainment or pretty much anything else travel related and you will have ENDLESS WRITING POSSIBILITIES!
  • Have a plan. Do your research before you leave. This way you will be educated/informed and won’t be overwhelmed with information on the road. This will allow you to enjoy the moment and absorb and observe instead or scribble down notes!
  • Use a good camera. You want the quality of your photos to match the quality of your writing and you want them both to be as good as possible. Today, smartphones have great cameras. If you don’t have a phone with a camera it might be worthwhile to invest in a good digital camera (Again, do some research).
  • Use spell-check. Please check your articles for correct spelling and grammar. We will make minor corrections but will reject articles with too many errors.

Video Guidelines

  • Video should be no longer than 8 mins in length
  • Email link to video to

General Terms and Conditions

Limited to one blog entry/review/feedback post per guest per trip. Should Tripsite choose you (the “Contestant”) as the winner of our Trip Giveaway, $1200 USD in Tripsite trip credit will be awarded to you. Trip credit is applicable to any future Tripsite trip (min. 5 days) and has an expiration date of three (3) years from the date the participant was notified. Credit can only be applied to one booking and one tour. Credit is non-transfundable. Credit cannot be applied to a cancellation fee. You (“The Participant”) will be notified by email upon successful submission. When you submit your materials, Tripsite has the right to use your name, blog post, video, photos, review/feedback on the Tripsite website, any/all social media outlets, email, and print publications. Tripsite also retains the right to reuse any supplementary photos/videos at will, for all time, for no additional payment.

The winner will be announced in December 2024. All submissions must be submitted by December 1, 2024. All blogs/reviews/feedback submitted after that time will not be accepted. The winner will be notified by email. The winner may also be announced on the Photo Section of Tripsite’s Blog and our social media outlets.

Entries must be submitted by email. Entries must be labeled with the entrant’s name and image files must be 72 dpi and between 1MB and 3MB. Photographic Submissions must be in JPEG FORMAT (.jpeg or .jpg). Blog posts, pictures, reviews, and feedback MUST be original content. Tripsite prohibits the use of materials that are not the sole intellectual property of the contestant. Tripsite reserves the right to deny any submission that may be deemed as inappropriate does not meet our standards or do not meet the above-stated guidelines. Tripsite retains full editorial control over the selection of/decision not to select, any particular submission for promotional use. By submitting a blog post/video/photo/review/feedback you (the “Contestant”) agree that the materials are solely your original work, have read and understand the terms above, and give Tripsite permission to use all materials.