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Cycling jerseys, shorts, vests, arm warmers, and more!

We have been hard at work redesigning our complimentary gifts and are very proud to offer our repeat clients the finished products. If you have already travelled with us, you are eligible for either a jersey, a pair of shorts, or a cycling buff and set of arm warmers. Shipping fees apply for the shorts or jerseys. Buffs and arm warmers ship free.

For individual purchase, cycling shorts or cycling jersey are €30 plus shipping. Cycling buff and set of arm warmers retail for €15 plus shipping.

Clients wearing Tripsite Jerseys

Not interested in our cycling attire? Then as a returning customer, you are eligible for a €30 discount (only for 2017). Be sure to ask!

*Shipping fees:
USA: €5 per item
Canada: €6
International: €10

Cycling Jersey

2016 Cycling Jersey

Please refer to the corresponding sizing charts.

Cycling Shorts

Arm Warmers

2016 Arm Warmer
Please refer to the corresponding sizing charts.

*Please note: When measuring your bicep should be at rest and not tense or flexed. If between sizes, we recommend going with the smaller size. Arm warmers can also be folded over near the bicep if the length is too long.


Unit: Cm

Like our other shirts and shorts better? We still have those as well in limited sizes and quantities.

Available Sizes:
Jerseys - S,M,L,XXL,XXXL
Shorts - S, M, L, XL, XXL

Jerseys - M, L
Shorts - S, M, L, XL, XXL