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Our Online Reservation Form

When you are ready to book a tour, please fill out our secure online reservation form which you can find on each tour page through the Book This Trip link. If you are booking a Bike and Barge tour and the barge offers different cabin options, please specify your preference. If you do not specify a deck level, the standard option will be booked. Do not forget your height information as this is needed to reserve your bicycle.

Most of our tour prices include bike rental. Some of our Road Bike Tours do not, but high-quality rentals are available. You will find all information about what is included or not included and pricing on each tour page.

If you desire to purchase Bicycle Protection, you can indicate this upon reserving. The cost is €10 for a one week tour and €20 for a two week tour (or equivalent, if tour is offered in another currency). Bicycle protection covers the cost of the repair or replacement of bicycle and/or parts in case of an accident. It also covers theft, but only if the bicycle was locked. Bicycle protection does NOT cover negligent behavior.

Most of our tours now offer an electric bike (e-bike) option. You will find more information regarding E-bikes on our bicycle page. If you desire to rent an E-bike, please indicate this on the reservation form. Bicycle protection for the electric bike is €20 for an eight day tour and €40 for a two week tour (or equivalent if tour is offered in another currency).

Passport information

Before you travel, please check your country's passport and visa requirements and the passport and visa requirements of the country/countries you plan to visit.

For US citizens, the U.S. Passports & International Travel website is a good source of information. The Country Information tab provides details about passport validity, blank passport pages required, etc.

The Booking Process

Upon receipt of your reservation, we will begin processing your request. We usually have an answer within 24 hours (for bike and boat tours) but sometimes it may take up to two to three business days. For our hotel to hotel tours, depending on the area of travel and season of booking, it can take up to one week for all hotels to be contacted and confirmed. Please do not make any air travel arrangements until you receive an official confirmation from us. Once confirmed, we require a $300 USD per person deposit for a tour up to 12 days, or $600 USD per person deposit for a longer tour. For our Canadian and international clients, we also provide the opportunity to pay in Euros as well for applicable tours utilizing direct wire transfer into our European Bank account. Clients are responsible for all wire transfer fees (incoming and outgoing). This can be a cost-effective solution in that multiple exchange rate fees are avoided. If you are utilizing this form of payment, deposits required are €250 per person for tours up to 12 days, and €500 per person for longer tours.

When a tour is scheduled within 6 weeks of the tour date, we will require a deposit in USD to be paid by credit card plus the 4% processing fee. Deposit will be charged upon confirmation of the reservation. We will then issue the final invoice and the balance can be paid by method of your choosing.

For payment by check, please make checks out in USD to:

Pack and Pedal Europe, Inc.
218 Hunter Road
Springville, PA 18844

Charters will have different payment arrangements depending on the boat and the tour. If you are interested in a charter, we will provide all details necessary for you to make an informed choice.

Trip Pricing

All prices are per person based on double room occupancy. Single bookings usually will incur a supplemental fee but not always with Bike/Boat tours. We do not include airfare with any of our tours.

Most of our prices are posted in Euros, though we do have a few tours that are offered in a different currency. We work with many local operators who design the tours to showcase the regions they call home. We work from the commission that these trusted partners offer us plus a small administration fee of €20 (or equivalent). It is cost-effective for you and for us to present the tours in their original currency. This price remains fixed. Only the exchange rate changes. We provide a calculator on the pricing page of each tour so that you can calculate the price in U.S. Dollars. Just ask us if you need an estimate in another currency. However, we can only accept payment in US dollars or Euros.

Exchange rate and Final Invoice

We will prepare your final invoice in USD 100 days before your tour date, based on the exchange rate secured that day. The rate used will be the bank rate/traders’ rate plus 2 cents, which covers our transaction fees. Of course, you can always pay in full on any day that you see a favorable exchange rate. Please keep in mind that we purchase our Euros (or other currency) in the morning so you must give us sufficient notice that you would like to finalize your payment. Otherwise, full payment is due 90 days before tour date. If you are booking a tour less than 90 days before travel, full payment will be required at time of confirmation of your tour.

And again, for our Canadian and international clients, we provide the opportunity to pay in Euros utilizing direct wire transfer into our European Bank account. Clients are responsible for all wire transfer fees. This can be a cost-effective solution in that multiple exchange rate fees are avoided.

*For CHARTERS, payment will be due from 120 to 150 days before travel depending on your contract details.

Credit Card Transactions

We also provide the opportunity for VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card or American Express transactions. Paying with credit card entails a surcharge of 4%. We want to assure you that if you desire to pay your deposit and/or final payment by credit card, that our online reservation form is secure.

Returned Checks

For any returned checks there will be $30 fee. For all our international clients paying by check, please be sure that the check is drawn in USD.

Trip Insurance

Travel Insurance is available and not part of the trip package. Upon receiving your booking, we will provide you with travel/cancellation insurance information and forms for three different insurance companies. More information about booking travel insurance online can be found on our travel insurance page.

We want to emphasize however that we are not an insurance agency. If you have any questions about the companies and the details of the coverage offered, please contact the insurance company directly.

Cancellation Policy and Late Bookings & Changes

Please view our Cancellation Policy and Late Bookings & Changes policy by clicking here. It is important to note that this policy takes effect when we are informed of your official confirmation. We do our best to inform you immediately upon notice of confirmation, but due to differing time zones, there could be a delay. It is important to never submit a reservation unless you agree to the terms and conditions!

Cancellation by one of our operators

In rare circumstances, in the case of flood or low tide, or other extreme force majeure, the operators reserve the right to cancel the journey on short notice. No legal right shall be constituted of both situations. The same applies for officially ordered - previously not announced - repair work on locks or bridges or in the case of undeserved breakdown of engine or power unit. You will be issued a full refund for the cost of your tour, HOWEVER, any credit card processing fees that you incurred will not be refunded.


Any refunds due to cancellations and/or changes in booking will be applied via method of payment. Bank fees/credit card fees may apply depending on conditions of booking and nature of refunds.

Cancellations/changes in reservations on the part of client, in which any refund is due, are subject to bank/credit card fees.

Information Packet

Approximately 3 weeks before the start of your trip, we will email you all the travel documents and trip information you need (we are no longer mailing travel packets). We do our very best to honor requests for early travel information, however, please note that this is not always possible. If you need your travel information early, please let us know and your request will be processed in the order it was received. We would be happy to provide docking locations and arrival hotel information in advance. Travel information for last minute bookings will not be sent until at least 48 hours after final payment. For many of our trips, more detailed information (such as route descriptions) will be provided upon arrival at the first hotel.

More Questions

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, we are just an email or phone call away. We also ask that you look at our FAQ page which contains helpful information.

Thank you for choosing Tripsite!
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