Dealing with international banking can at times be overwhelming but we are here to walk you through the payment process if you need assistance.


When a tour is confirmed, deposits are due as follows:

*Deposit Amounts

Tours 10 Days or lessTours 11 Days or more
Euros€350 per person€700 per person
US Dollars$400 per person$800 per person
Canadian Dollars$500 per person$1,000 per person

*Please note, for some luxury tours a higher deposit amount is required (up to 25% of tour price). If a higher deposit is required, it will be mentioned on the Pricing tab of the tour page.

Deposits will be applied to the total balance of your tour at that day's exchange rate (plus a 1.5 cent transaction cost) in the base currency of your tour.

A non-refundable administration fee of €25 ($30 if tour is priced in USD) per person is added to the tour price.


❖ Final invoices are prepared 100 days before tour date or sooner if requested.
❖ Final payment is due by 90 days prior to the tour date.
❖ Price in USD or Candian dollars will be based on the exchange secured plus 1.5 cent transaction costs. You can request that your final be prepared earlier but once the Euros are purchased, the exchange rate is set. Price is fixed regardless of changing exchange rates.



❖ Direct Bank-Bank Wire Transfer (EU Residents)

❖ Money Transfer Service such as Wise (formerly Transferwise) (Non-EU Residents)
For our international clients, if not part of the European Union, we find the most cost-effective method of transacting a Euro payment is by using a money transfer service. We are quite familiar with Wise (formerly Transferwise). Most international clients find the process very easy. However, some of our Canadian clients are sometimes asked for document certification as an extra layer of security. (For this reason, we have established a TD Canadian Bank account and accept payment in CAD. You can read more below). We do not advise using your local bank for wire transactions due to associated fees. Those clients that are part of the European Union can simply transact a wire transfer from their local account to our European account. There are no transfer fees.


❖ Check or Bank Draft
All returned checks for insufficient funds will be subject to $30 return fee

❖ Credit/debit cards (incurs 4% transaction fee)
If you would like to submit credit/debit card information, you may do so securely here:


❖ Direct Transfer from your TD account to Tripsite TD account

❖ Interac Email Payment from your Canadian bank account to Tripsite TD account

❖ Canadian Bank Draft (issued by any Canadian financial institution) deposited at a TD bank to our Tripsite account (payable to Pack & Pedal Europe)

❖ Other EMail Payment offered as part of Canadian Online Banking Package
If not familiar with how this works, please contact your bank directly and speak with the online services department.


❖ Tours booked within 100 days: Deposit stage is skipped and the final invoice is prepared with total payment due upon receipt.

❖ Tours booked within 6 weeks: Deposits will be charged in US dollars to the credit/debit card provided with the booking and incurs a 4% processing fee. (Total charge: $416 per person for tours up to 10 days / $832 per person for longer tours) The final invoice will then be prepared in the currency of your choosing.

❖ Tours booked within 21 days of travel: Full payment is required by credit card (4% processing fee) upon confirmation of the reservation.

❖ Any failure to pay may result in reservation cancellation, cancellation fees may apply. We reserve the right to apply any outstanding balance to your credit/debit card.

❖ All account information will be provided on request.

Please don't forget to include sender identification in all wire transactions.