Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Update

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Update

Questions regarding booking and COVID-19? View our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions page:

Updated: December 30, 2020

Dear fellow travelers,

2020 is now at an end and like you, we are glad to close the door tight on this unprecedented year. We will never forget it. There have been hard lessons to learn but in the midst of it all, despite the loss, the lock-downs, confusion, and bewilderment, there was hope. Dark times are always illuminated by our capacity to do good. This year has been no exception.

We know that we are not out of the woods yet and that some difficult days remain. The fog of uncertainty is slowly lifting, however, and with two vaccines approved and now being distributed, we all are hopeful.

Soon, we will once again plan travels without anxiety but with the excitement and joyful anticipation that we once took for granted. We are eager to get back to what we love to do. Sharing the world with you.

It is not certain when international borders will open completely without any restrictions at all, and so we ask for your continued patience as we maneuver once again, these early days of our 2021 booking season.

As we wait for the decisions of our local partners regarding spring travel, let us underscore that the travel industry, including airports, airlines, and tour operators are implementing and following strict COVID-19 protocols including rigorous cleaning and disinfecting. The Tripsite team members that have recently traveled have reported that airports are cleaner and airplanes sparkle. Masks are mandatory in the airports and during flights at all times. The frenzied pace of travel has slowed. The crowds have thinned. Social distancing encouraged.

Regarding your upcoming tours and travels, please understand that we cannot interpret government-issued travel restrictions or airline policies. We encourage you to visit the following sites for up to date and reliable information.



We understand that the decision to travel or not to travel during this difficult time is complicated and multi-faceted. We have compiled a COVID-19 FAQ. We hope you find it useful. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

It is important now more than ever to be fully informed. We advise that you gather and access all the information you can in your tour planning process including country policy, airline policy, and specific tour operator policy.

1. Be sure to understand the terms and conditions for the tour that you choose. Many tours have flexible rebooking policies in effect in the event it becomes necessary to postpone your travels. However, cancellation on your part will incur penalties. Cancellation on the part of our partner/operator will constitute a refund to you.

2. If you need to cancel a tour on your part, please contact us for the cancellation policy that applies to your reservation.

3. Speak with airline reps to determine their terms and conditions and rebooking policies.

4. Research travel insurance options thoroughly and understand any fine print in regards to pandemic situations and cancel for any reason clauses. Here is a link to our trusted travel insurance partners.

All the major airlines have now issued official policies regarding cancellations and changes. We are told that the smaller, national airline policies are not as flexible. For those of you with scheduled flights, contact your airline directly. (Please be patient, but persistent, as the call volumes to airlines and insurance companies are overwhelming.)

We would like to encourage you to be hopeful, even excited. Again, there is so much that currently, we do not know, nor can we predict, and though travel has become complex, it may be exactly what we all need.

Frequently traveled hot spots will be much less crowded and tours that are off the beaten path are being developed and promoted. Here at Tripsite, even now, we are exploring small boat active cruises with sensible and safe Covid protocols in place that are the right size for exclusive chartering for entire families or groups of friends. We have also added self-guided hikes and cycling in destinations that are emerging from the pandemic with good strategies, and by their very nature, are social distancing! We are looking at travel within the US itself as well. We are busy, realistic, but very optimistic.


If you have purchased travel insurance, it is advised that you refer to the details of your specific policy. If you have obtained a plan with our partner RoamRight, you can speak with an experienced customer service representative at 1-866-891-6614.

If you have purchased a policy through another company, again, contact them directly with your specific questions and concerns. They are the experts.


Here at home, and in your communities, we are so encouraged to see the goodness that arises in times of difficulty. Many of you have reached out to us personally with encouraging words of support and solidarity. You will never know how much that has sustained and strengthened us.

At a time when things seem so chaotic, there are things we can control. Each of us has within our own power the ability to comply 100% with reopening and social distancing guidelines. Our first concern should be for the safety and well being of others. Let's continue to look to our left and to our right. Reach out to family, friends, and neighbors and be intentional and creative in maintaining community, even as we comply with social distancing!

In closing, we are proud to be part of this amazing community of adventurers and world travelers. Stay safe, stay connected, and stay thankful as we all look forward to future exploration!

A message of hope from Carla, Partner at - Looking Forward - Travel in 2021 & Beyond.