Rancho 9

10 bedroom Punta Mita villa in Ranchos Estates

Villas Mexico Punta Mita Ranchos Estates

Experience an unsurpassed, luxurious stay within Rancho 9’s eight-suite, 25,000-square-foot, beachfront property.

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Palapa Twi

Casa Tau

Nayarit Villa

from $12500 /night
up to 28 guests

Casa Tau

12 bedroom 15 bath Punta Mita villa in Nayarit

Where comfort meets luxury...Paradise beneath your feet.

Palapa And Pool Dusk

Casa Koko

Punta Villela Villa

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up to 22 guests

Casa Koko

9 bedroom 8 bath Punta Mita villa in Punta Villela

Located amidst Punta Mita’s exclusive residential community and designed by renowned architect Juan Collignon & interior designer Karen Collignon.


Casa Querencia

Kupuri Villa

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Casa Querencia

7 bedroom 8.5 bath Punta Mita villa in Kupuri

Querencia is a Spanish word that means a place that feels like home. It’s the spot you return to time and again to relax, quiet the soul, replenish, and feel a sense of well-being.

Casa De Casas


La Punta Estate Villa

from $12500 /night
up to 16 guests


7 bedroom 9 bath Punta Mita villa in La Punta Estate

'Primavera' is a sprawling, 20,000-square-foot, private, oceanfront estate nestled inside a gated community that includes the world class Four Seasons Resort and St Regis Resort, in Punta de Mita, Mexico.



Ranchos Estates Villa

from $12000 /night
up to 12 guests


7 bedroom 9 bath Punta Mita villa in Ranchos Estates

As soon as you walk up to the home and see the simple—but because of this simplicity, even more impressive—water element in front of the house, you know you are about to enter a home showcasing excellent taste.