9 bedroom France villa in St. Tropez

Villas Europe France St. Tropez

A unique contemporary house overlooking the Mediterranean from Lavandou to the islands of Porquerolle.

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Cote D’or

Burgundy Villa

from $2248 /night
up to 18 guests

Cote D’or

9 bedroom 9 bath France villa in Burgundy

Nestled in the heart of Burgundy, this very upscale air-conditioned five bedroom house has a lovely swimming pool in the garden and an amazing Jacuzzi in the cave under the house.

P Petit Palais

Petit Palais

Provence Villa

from $2371 /night
up to 20 guests

Petit Palais

9 bedroom 9 bath France villa in Provence

Part rambling country farmhouse, part sophisticated contemporary villa Petit Palais is nestled in the timeless Luberon landscape of ancient villages, rolling hills and olive groves.

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Chateau Alicante

Languedoc Villa

from $2662 /night
up to 14 guests

Chateau Alicante

10 bedroom 5 bath France villa in Languedoc

This Renaissance chateau Alicante is located between Béziers and Montpellier in west southern France. It has ten bedrooms and five bathrooms, a large swimming pool and tennis court, and can accommodate up to 14 guests.


Chateau en Rouergue

Dordogne Villa

from $2999 /night
up to 22 guests

Chateau en Rouergue

11 bedroom 11 bath France villa in Dordogne

This magnificent chateau is located in Aveyron, is located in the heart of a park of and offers 11 double rooms and the service of a Chef.

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Grande Bastide

Provence Villa

from $2869 /night
up to 16 guests

Grande Bastide

11 bedroom 11 bath France villa in Provence

At a glance, a long, broad and winding alley of plane trees lead us to this sumptuous family property tastefully renovated and decorated in refined style.

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Chateau de Montmorency

Paris Villa

from $7204 /night
up to 30 guests

Chateau de Montmorency

9 bedroom 9 bath France villa in Paris

Located 18 miles from Paris, the picturesque Château de Montmorency, dating back to the 19th century, has been completely renovated and offers the best comfort and services with its 5 grand halls of refined ambiance, nine prestigious suites of elegance and magnificent gardens.