List of all Mykonos villas in Greece

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Aegean Horizon - Mhozexaqualiving 5 Aegean HorizonAegean Horizon is an exceptionally large and stylish property located close to Lia Beach.$2829/nt.7714
Aegean Oasis - Aegeanoasis 1 Aegean OasisAegean Oasis enjoys a tranquil position on the southeastern side of Mykonos in the area of Lia Beach, well renowned for its laid-back setting and good dining options.Ask5510
Agrari Beach House - Mabhexaqualiving 7 Agrari Beach HouseThis lovely, 4 bedroom, Mykonian property is located just few steps away from Agrari beach, surrounded by ochre hills and blue sky.$1160/nt.448
Alisahnea - Alishanea AlisahneaVilla Alisahnea is a stunning waterfront property adjacent to villa Okyroe within a group of villas, just few steps away from the secluded Kapari sandy beach.$1643/nt.6612
Amor - The Villa AmorVilla Amor is cited in the bohemian chic part of the island, the area of Ftelia.Ask6612
Anastasia AnastasiaAnastasia is a stunning villa in Mykonos with infinity pool and terrace overlooking the sea.$2735/nt.7714
Annabel - Villa Overview 1 AnnabelVilla Annabel is a newly renovated luxury villa in the Chora of Mykonos, enjoying uninterrupted views of the nearby Cycladic Islands and the main town.$2497/nt.5610
Aries - Exaqualiving 1 AriesFollowing its recent renovation we’re proud to present this new addition to our portfolio, Aries is a stunning private property located in the sought-after Agia Sofia area, notorious for extensive views over the Aegean sea and front row seats to the colorful sunsets, all while being within easy reach of Mykonos Town.$16218/nt.7714
Arya - Maryexaqualiving 5 AryaPerched right over the clear waters of the Aegean, the astonishing Arya finds space as a private property situated literally in between the beaches of Paranga and Paradise, both easily reachable from the estate.$4517/nt.81016
Atena - Mateexaqualiving 8 AtenaAtena is a brand new property located in the hills above the area of Lia Beach on the eastern side of Mykonos and renown to be one of the more natural and casual parts of the island.Ask5510
Bovary - Mykonos Villa Bsv Overview BovaryVilla Bovary is brand new seafront property in the area of Aleomandra, with amazing unobstructed sea views, built at the edge of a rocky shore in a wind protected spot right above the Aegean blue waters.$3210/nt.6712
Cassiopea CassiopeaThe best Cycladic architecture meets contemporary resulting in the exquisite design of Villa Cassiopea.Ask224
Delos - Pool In The Afternoon DelosVilla Delos, is a newly constructed property in the area of Pouli with uninterrupted views of Delos and Rhenia Islands, the energy center of the Cyclades.$3480/nt.7714
Drakothea DrakotheaDrakothea is a stunningly beautiful property and offers an extraordinary setting for a dream vacation. The distinctive combination of breathtaking views, artistic elements, modern amenities, privacy, luxury and comfort make this villa an exceptional vacation spot.$1188/nt.5612
Elia White Residence - Villawhite Elia White ResidenceIn the most privileged location in Mykonos, Elia is situated in a contemporary summer residence with stone and water as the dominant characteristics.$1236/nt.5510
Eros - Meroexaqualiving 3 ErosEros is the perfect match for those seeking a high standard experience from all points of view as it epitomizes everything one could look for in a villa: a great position and stunning interiors enriched by all modern comforts.$2187/nt.5410
Esprit - Sunset L EspritVilla Esprit enjoys a privileged position in the southeastern side of Mykonos, near the golden sandy beach of Lia.$2815/nt.7716
Evora - Mykonos Villa Bsv Views EvoraMykonos Villa Evora is a 7-bedroom luxury villa with private pool, in a unique panoramic position at Agia Sofia, Tourlos just outside the bustling town of Mykonos.$2497/nt.7714
Feluca FelucaVilla Feluca is set high on a cliffside overlooking the exclusive Psarou beach and the magnificent Mediterranean sea dotted with white sailing boats.$915/nt.448
Frida - Villa Overview FridaVilla Frida sits on top of Agios Lazaros hill on Mykonos island, with unobstructed panoramic views to the surrounding islands and splendid sunset views.$5307/nt.6612
Gilberto - Villa Fro Outside GilbertoVilla Gilberto enjoys a privileged position with views of Elia sandy beach and the islands of Paros and Naxos.$2294/nt.5510
Ginger Blue - Gingerblue Ginger BlueNo better way to live an island that being a quick ride from the beach.$1019/nt.336
Havier - Outdoor Overview HavierInspired by the rocky landscape of Mykonos, Villa Havier was designed with the characteristics found on the islands’ vernacular country homes, chapels and windmills.$5469/nt.5510
Hermes - Mherexaqualiving 2 HermesHermes is a private waterfront property located within an ultra-exclusive and prestigious villa resort complex in Mykonos, in one of the most distinct areas of the island with uninterrupted views of the Aegean Sea and the Cycladic Islands of Delos and Rhenia.$2187/nt.5510
Honde - Mhonexaqualiving 2 1 HondeThe ingenious minds of two extremely talented architects created this distinctive property to share with elite travelers looking for a unique experience in Mykonos.$1661/nt.448
Ilios - Miliexaqualiving 1 IliosPerched above the bay of Agios Lazaros and with extensive views over the waters southwest of Mykonos, Ilios is a charming property part of a large exclusive resort placed in a magnificent waterfront position.$1599/nt.438
Khaleesi - Ex KhaleesiPerched right over the clear waters of the Aegean, Khaleesi finds space as an astonishing private property situated literally in between the beaches of Paranga and Paradise, both easily reachable from the estate.$8477/nt.162032
Kymothoe - Extaqualiving KymothoeVilla Kymothoe, located next to villa Okyroe, is a spacious waterfront villa with a stunning private infinity swimming pool, garden setting and shaded pergola.$1643/nt.6512
La Voile Rouge - Lavoilerougeextaqualiving La Voile RougeLa Voile Rouge, an elegant 4 bedroom villa enjoys one of the most privileged position on Mykonos Island with stunning views of the sea and breathtaking sunsets.$1331/nt.438
Lia - Pool Area LiaVilla Lia is situated in South of Mykonos, overlooking Aegean and within walking distance of sandy Lia Beach.$1914/nt.5510
Marissa MarissaOverlooking the blonde sandy beach of Elia, is the newly constructed luxury residence, Villa Marissa.$5812/nt.121124
Marpesia - Villa Pool MarpesiaVilla Marpesia is an elegant family villa, facing South in a privileged wind-sheltered location at the top of the hill Kounoupas with breathtaking view over the Aegean Sea.$1086/nt.6512
Marvelous MarvelousVilla Marvelous is a newly built villa, cited in a small hill overlooking the blonde sandy beach of Elia.$1810/nt.7714
Matthew - Another Approach MatthewVilla Matthew is a brand new property located in Kanalia area, less than 15 minute drive from Mykonos Town and five minutes from Ornos.$4351/nt.8815
Mirella - Villa Overview MirellaThe freshly inaugurated Villa Mirella, is a private property in the area above Lia beach, on the southeastern side of Mykonos, an area well known for a cozy atmosphere and a family-friendly environment, conveniently tucked-away from the lively Mykonian night-life.$2854/nt.5510
Moon Shadow - MoonshadowEX 1 Moon ShadowMoon Shadow is a recently built private property located in Fanari area which is in the northwestern part of Mykonos.$1020/nt.437
Morpheus - Mmorexaqualiving 7 MorpheusNamed after the Greek god of dreams, Morpheus is a villa truly nothing short of a dream itself.$2048/nt.448
Mystique - Mmysextaqualiving 2 MystiqueMystique is a stunning private property in the exclusive area of Agios Lazaros known for its extensive sea and sunset views.$3394/nt.91118
Naira - Perspective Xl NairaVilla Naira, is cited on a hilltop above Agios Stefanos Beach, possessing an amazing panoramic view of the Aegean Sea and the neighbor islands, while offering a magnificent view of the port and town of Mykonos.Ask411
Natalie - Villa Overview NatalieA luxury villa designed to soak in the Mykonian summer, Villa Natalie is located in the beautiful Platys Yialos bay area.$2436/nt.5510
Nautilos - Extaqualiving 2 NautilosVilla Nautilos is located in a lovely panoramic position overlooking Agios Ioannis bay, semi-detached to its sister villa Astarte.$958/nt.448
Neptunea - Exaqualiving NeptuneaVilla Neptunea is a waterfront property with own private entrance located afar from villa Kymothoe within a group of private houses.$1502/nt.448
Nota - Exaqualiving 4 NotaNota is an airy five bedroom property perfect to host friends or families gathering for a memorable vacation on Mykonos within a stylish setting and close to Elia’s up and coming scene.$1656/nt.5510
Nouvelle - Mnouexaqualiving 6 1 NouvelleNouvelle finds space atop the hill just to the back of Elia Beach, part of a brand new development of private properties overlooking the fine sand and clear waters of this famous beach on the southeastern side of Mykonos$1989/nt.7714
Okyroe OkyroeVilla Okyroe is a private waterfront property located between villa Kymothoe and villa Alisahnea in a group of villas.$1502/nt.5510
Pelicanos - Extaqualiving PelicanosHailing from the experience and imagination a renowned worldwide resort's owner, Pelicanos is a majestic property perched in a panoramic position between Paradise and Super Paradise beaches.$2852/nt.8715
Phos - Extaqualiving 5 PhosAs the former summer residence of a family and its guests, Phos displays a great set of features for those looking to spend quality time with their relatives or friends on Mykonos.$1791/nt.5510
Poseidon Two - Poseidontwoextaqualiving 2 Poseidon TwoPoseidon Two is part of a group of three brand new, semi-detached properties freshly inaugurated in the area of Kalafatis Beach, on the southeastern side of Mykonos. The location grants easy access to the beaches of Kalafatis – a windsurfer’s delight – and Agia Anna, a beautiful small cove, relatively unknown to international crowds.$2390/nt.8816
Roberta - Outdoor L RobertaVilla Roberta is one of the three properties that constitute a luxurious complex and can be rented separately or with one or both other villas. It is ideal for families travelling together or a large group of friends celebrating special moments.$1011/nt.448
Salacia - Exaqualiving 7 SalaciaSalacia is a stunning, freshly inaugurated private property perched in a privileged position overlooking the bays of Agia Anna and Kalafatis on the southeastern side of the island.$4411/nt.7714
Selene - Ex 2 SelenePart of a very exclusive large estate, Selene is a charming small villa in the area of Agios Lazaros on the southwestern side of Mykonos.$1089/nt.336
Silence Nest - Silencenestextaqualiving 5 Silence NestBasking in the colorful Mykonian sunsets and offering one of the most scenic views on the island, Silence Nest is a private property located in the area of Pouli on the southwestern side of Mykonos.$2319/nt.448
Solange - Villa Pool SolangeVilla Solange is a newly constructed property at the area of Pouli.$3480/nt.9918
South Cove Dream - Mscdinaqualiving 3 2 South Cove DreamSouth Cove Dream lies just above the entrance of Ornos bay on the southern side of Mykonos, a prime location on the island as it is well sheltered from the wind and close to the lively Ornos beach and Mykonos Town.$3514/nt.5510
Stardust - EX 1 StardustStardust is a recently built private property in the area of Fanari area – in the northwestern part of Mykonos. Its privileged hill top position provides splendid sea and sunset views.$1166/nt.448
Sunset Dream - Sunset Sunset DreamSunset Dream is a majestic and breathtaking property located in Aleomandra area facing Delos island and its colorful sunsets in an absolute waterfront position.$3383/nt.9918
Super Paradise One - Msp 1 Exaqualiving 6 Super Paradise OneSuper Paradise One is the largest one of the Super Paradise Villas, a private complex of three villas recently built just above the world-famous Super Paradise beach.$1081/nt.5510
Super Paradise Three - Msp 3 Exqualiving 1 Super Paradise ThreeBoasting views over the bay of Super Paradise Beach, the Aegean Sea and the island of Naxos, Super Paradise Three is the third villa included within its brand new villa complex, named Super Paradise Villas.$808/nt.448
Super Paradise Two - Msp 2 Exqualiving 7 Super Paradise TwoSuper Paradise Two is part of a new three-villa complex, named Super Paradise Villas perched right over what is perhaps the most popular beach on Mykonos, Super Paradise.$677/nt.336
Sylva - Villa Outdoors Xl SylvaEasy living is encapsulated in this grand, beachfront villa, located in the south eastern edge of Mykonos, Villa Sylva is spacious and elegant.$17835/nt.9918
Talyssa - Ex TalyssaPerched right over the clear waters of the Aegean, the astonishing Talyssa finds space as a private property situated literally in between the beaches of Paranga and Paradise, both easily reachable from the estate.$4517/nt.81016
The Eagle’s Nest - Theeaglesnestextaqualiving 8 The Eagle’s NestLocated uphill in a unique wind-sheltered position in the Fanari area, The Eagle's Nest enjoys one of the most panoramic and beautiful views of Mykonos.$2046/nt.8714
The G House - Mtghexaqualiving 7 The G HouseThis sophisticated and chic private property is nested in a slightly elevated position with a view that stretches out towards the white houses of Mykonos Town, a view of many palettes and faces so to speak given that one can marvel at the blue waters of the Aegean during the day, the colourful sunsets over Rhenia and Delos at dusk and the town lit up at night, ready for action.$2319/nt.6612
The Olive Grove - Mtogextaqualiving 2 The Olive GroveThe Olive Grove is a modern villa located just above the old harbor of Mykonos Town and surrounded by a large garden of over 60 olive trees planted throughout.$1426/nt.448
Villa Achillea Villa AchilleaVilla Achillea is an exceptionally elegant villa, perched on a cliff's edge on the Mykonos southern coast.Ask7814
Villa Fedora Villa FedoraThis is a truly sumptuous property: elegant design and truly state of the art with jaw dropping views.Ask6611
White Mystic - Mwmyexaqualiving 6 White MysticPart of a freshly built complex of private properties in Kalafatis, White Mystic is a charming summer home within the vicinity of three of the main southeastern beaches of Mykonos.$677/nt.336
Yior Retreat - Myorexaqualiving 8 Yior RetreatYior Retreat is a charming summer residence located in between the southeastern beaches of Kalafatis and Lia, enjoying a private location with views spreading out over the Aegean Sea in the distance and the picturesque countryside of Mykonos, particularly captivating in this part of the island.$1901/nt.6612

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