List of all St. Martin (French) villas in St. Martin

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Always - Uwhfa 7 Mfaz AlwaysVilla Always in St Martin beautiful 6 bedroom villa tailored to fit a luxurious caribbean way of life$1357/nt.6612
Amandara - Badcdfc 0 E B 9 E B AmandaraSet above the gorgeous Baie Rouge Beach along Marigot Bay, Villa Amandara is a brand-new property in the Terres Basses area of St. Martin.$2786/nt.5610
Ambiance - B 3 AmbianceThis extraordinary estate style villa enchants the moment you enter the gate.$857/nt.448
Avanti - Pool AvantiA superbly appointed five-bedroom residence in Terres Basses, Avanti welcomes you from its impressive gated entrance along a palm-lined driveway to the main entrance doors fronted by stone fountains.$2000/nt.5510
Azur Dream - VWxw 1 YBFhi Azur DreamVilla Azur Dream is the perfect escape in St Martin for a family gathering or among friends$1143/nt.7714
Bahia Blue - Mmvpr 0 Azyu Bahia BlueVilla Bahia Blue is a stunning vacation destination, nestled in the heart of a lush tropical forest with a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the scenery.$714/nt.448
Baie Longue Beach House - Large Webp Baie Longue Beach HouseThis wonderful, West Indian-style home with lovely arches on the sea side is located directly on Baie Longue Beach with over a mile of shimmering white sand.$772/nt.336
Baltazar - Villa BaltazarLocated on St. Martin’s northern coastline and overlooking the scenic island of Pinel, Villa Baltazar offers five bedrooms, a private pool and an unobstructed view over the water of the sheltered bay of Cul de Sac.$786/nt.5510
Bamboo - Pool BambooThis stunning two-bedroom contemporary villa is the perfect hideaway for a honeymoon couple, a small family or two couples.$714/nt.224
Beaulieu - Pool BeaulieuThis luxurious villa on a hill overlooking Baie Rouge is facing the Caribbean Sea, the distant St Martin mountains and the island of Anguilla.$1050/nt.336
Belle Etoile - N 1 A Belle EtoileBelle Etoile in St. Martin is a stunning estate villa with a French Caribbean style.$2714/nt.5510
Belle Fontaine - I USKw V Belle FontaineVilla Belle Fontaine in St Martin an elegant French Provence property that meets Creole style$990/nt.5510
Blue Sailing - Bluesailing Pool Blue SailingBlue Sailing is a cozy three bedroom villa located in the private Happy Bay Estate, St Martin.$485/nt.336
Callisto - DRyGlgyxqU CallistoVilla Callisto is a contemporary home located in the prestigious gated community of Terres Basses, known as the most residential area in St. Martin.$471/nt.336
Carisa CarisaLocated directly on Baie Rouge Beach, this two-bedroom house is a gorgeous mix of contemporary styling and Caribbean relaxation.$1457/nt.2245000
Casa Cervo Casa CervoSet in a tropical courtyard with circular drive, the grand raised entrance begins the crescendo for the view.$1714/nt.5410
Casa Sand - Gkazagxah Casa SandVilla Casa Sand in St Martin has beautiful views over Anse Marcel BayVilla.$457/nt.336
C’est La Vie - T SWp 7 Kd C’est La VieVilla C'est La Vie in St Martin unbelievable luxurious and contemporary beach front villa$5571/nt.6612
Chateau des Palmiers - V 9 FWOJIBxJ MartenPool 2 MainHouse Min Chateau des PalmiersVilla Le Château des Palmiers in St Martin ultimate beach front luxury$5000/nt.101020
Dreamin Blue - Xmuznibc 0 S Dreamin BlueVilla Dreamin Blue, the most beautiful view of Saint Martin, which offers you a breathtaking panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea, sunrise and sunset.$1014/nt.448
El Grande Azure - YVh 9 WAIpJ El Grande AzureVilla El Grande Azure in St Martin a dive in luxury$2857/nt.5512
Encore - Screenshot EncoreEncore is, without doubt, an outstanding hillside villa.$979/nt.6612
Esprit de La Mer - Public 6 Webp Esprit de La MerClosely located to one of St. Martin’s attractive sites known as “David’s Hole”, stands on the coastlines of Baie Rouge, the majestic villa Esprit de la Mer.$1257/nt.5510
Falaise des Oiseaux - Reader Webp Falaise des OiseauxFrom its dramatic cliff-top location, on the northern coastline of French St. Martin in Terres Basses, villa Falaise des Oiseaux enjoys sublime water views across the ocean to the neighboring island of Anguilla on the distant horizon.$500/nt.336
Grand Palms Grand PalmsGrand Palms is a brand new three-bedroom villa situated across from Plum Bay Beach public access.$671/nt.336
Hacienda HaciendaThis elegant Spanish-Caribbean style villa is designed to capture the views and maximize outdoor living.$636/nt.438
Happy Bay Villa - Hb 6 Happy Bay VillaNear the Caribbean's gourmet paradise - Grand Case - sits the exclusive, very private enclave of Mont Choisy, home to the stylish Happy Bay Villa.$770/nt.448
Imagine - WmNFg 3 B FR ImagineVilla Imagine in St Martin, imagine all that the island can offer you$786/nt.5510
Jacaranda - Public 1 Webp JacarandaVilla Jacaranda is an enchanting oasis nestled into the beautiful Terres Basses with views of the gleaming Baie Longue Beach below.$400/nt.224
Joie de Vivre - Public 1 Webp Joie de VivreNestled within 4 acres of prime beachfront on beautiful Baie Rouge, Joie de Vivre is a multi-level 3 bedroom villa set in lush tropical gardens with a superb ocean backdrop.$929/nt.336
Just in Paradise - IXaUTZUKSj Just in ParadiseVilla Just in Paradise in St Martin; you are in paradise with gorgeous views$743/nt.336
La Dacha La DachaLocated in the exclusive community of Les Terres Basses, La Dacha is a stunning 5 bedroom cliffside villa offering breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and neighboring island Anguilla.$2143/nt.5510
La Favorita - YEEZ VYA La FavoritaVilla La Favorita in St. Martin is a unique blend of French Caribbean and Moroccan influences.$814/nt.337
La Nina - A 3 La NinaThis charming Creole style villa is a peaceful oasis set in a lush and colorful tropical garden.$500/nt.224
La Pinta - B La PintaDown the long driveway lined with coral stone walls and flamboyant, you arrive in the courtyard of this elegant Creole style villa.$770/nt.448
La Salamandre - La+Salamandre 1 Pool 3 La SalamandreThis elegant six-bedroom villa in Terres Basses offers a magnificent free-form pool just steps from the Simpson Bay lagoon.$1572/nt.6612
La Siesta - OTPY 4 BuUPC La SiestaVilla La Siesta in St Martin panoramic views of the Caribbean sea$930/nt.5510
La Vie en Bleu La Vie en BleuLa Vie en Bleu is a private oasis above a sandy section of Baie Rouge Beach.$1500/nt.224
Le Caprice - Vib 6 Tn 0 Xjtrr 7 Quugnqv Webp Le CapriceFrom its privileged elevated site on a promontory above Baie Rouge in Terres Basses, Le Caprice enjoys not only extraordinary 270ᵒ water views but also has direct access to the beach below via its own private garden pathway.$1350/nt.7714
Le Rêve - Villalereve Le RêveVilla Le Reve is an exquisite beachfront property located in the exclusive gated community of Baie Rouge in St Martin.$6429/nt.7714
Le Rocher - Fra Modifier Le RocherA four-bedroom jewel that sits in the hills of the Terres Basses.$1000/nt.44810000
L’Ecume Des Jours - QhzuMO 8 EGL L’Ecume Des JoursVilla L'Ecume des Jours in St Martin gorgeous beach front villa on Plum bay.$1000/nt.448
Les Palmiers Bleus - Public 7 Webp Les Palmiers BleusJust steps away from the beautiful and tranquil beach of Plum Bay in Terres Basses, the modern architecture of “Les Palmiers Bleus” ( Blue Palms) offers contemporary interiors and seamless indoor/outdoor living in a lush tropical setting with its own private tennis court.$943/nt.5510
Les Palmiers - Tnprq 9 Eaeashuauvbp 5 Z Webp Les PalmiersLes Palmiers lies nestled directly on the sands of the beautifully scenic Baie Rouge beach.$1000/nt.112
Libellule - Pool LibelluleIn perhaps one of French St. Martin’s most beautiful locations, Libellule – The Dragonfly, is an idyllic five-bedroom home sitting high on a promontory in Terres Basses nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the scenic Simpson Bay lagoon.$1150/nt.5510
L’Oasis - Pool L’OasisAt the far end of Baie Rouge, one of St. Martin’s most sought after beaches, villa L'Oasis sits alongside the cliffs offering incredible sea views and luxurious surroundings.$4176/nt.6612
Lotus LotusLotus is a magnificent Saint Martin villa rental$786/nt.336
Lune de Miel - B 0 A E 4 E 3 B A A 6 D 0 C E B 2 Lune de MielThe name of this two bedroom villa speaks for itself - in French it is truly a "Honeymoon."$500/nt.224
Maison de Rêve Maison de RêveThe centerpiece of this very private estate property is an elegant 8000 square foot, six-bedroom villa filled with spacious indoor and outdoor living.$857/nt.6612
Mandalay - I Preview MandalayBeautiful Mandalay, nestled into the hillside in the exclusive residential enclave of Terres Basses in French St. Martin, enjoys a superb view over the Caribbean and the picturesque sunsets of the nearby beach of Plum Bay.$1100/nt.5710
Mango - Xllyvnjgud MangoVilla Mango is a beautiful contemporary styled, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, villa ideally located in the heart of the Orient Bay gated community.$986/nt.448
Mapai - AznLmSBABa MapaiVilla Mapai in St Martin located in the community of Terrasse de Cul de Sac, oceanfront.$1714/nt.6614
Mariposa - RqENN 5 CSh MariposaVilla Mariposa is an elegant Caribbean style villa with a romantic tropical atmosphere.$750/nt.448
Mer Soleil Mer SoleilThe approach to Mer Soleil sets the stage for an exotic French Creole villa with Mediterranean flair.$857/nt.5510
Mes Amis - GXTdK O Mes AmisVilla Mes Amis in St Martin unique 13 bedroom property, unbelievable sunset and ocean views.$2600/nt.131428
Mirabelle - Fra Modifier Modifier MirabelleVilla Mirabelle in St Martin a gorgeous home on Simpson Bay lagoon.$943/nt.5510
Nid d’Amour - Screenshot Nid d’AmourJust below the crest of the mountain, off a dramatic drive, is Nid d'Amour.$714/nt.224
No Limit - Dji No LimitNo Limit in St. Martin features beautiful sunsets and ocean views!$557/nt.346
Ocean View - Oceanview Aerial Ocean ViewOcean View has superb sunrise views over the ocean towards Tintamarre and St. Barth.$572/nt.336
Oceane - MKa Ruaiy OceaneVilla Oceane in St Martin spacious and ideally located within minutes walk of the beach of Plum Bay$857/nt.448
Serena SerenaThis elegant, beachfront, villa is truly exceptional.$1643/nt.55107500
Sol e Luna - Public 1 Webp Sol e LunaSol e Luna is a very pretty, French Creole style villa that blends Caribbean charm with a contemporary attitude.$572/nt.336
Sunrise - SrH 4 GtXjqx SunriseVilla Sunrise in St Martin unbelievable views over Orient Bay and St Barths.$571/nt.336
Terrasse de Mer - Terrassedemer Pool Terrasse de MerA dramatic, winding hillside road delivers you to Terrasse de Mer, set high above the beach and civilization. It’s an exotic and private oasis.$900/nt.448
Topaze - TpsvmFLtn 7 TopazeVilla Topaze in St Martin offers breathtaking ocean views and is a modern and contemporary 3-bedroom property.$797/nt.336
Truffle - QuojfSUJQN TruffleAn amazing, luxurious, and modern five-bedroom villa on St Martin.$1143/nt.5510
Turquoze - Ommj 0 B 0 EZX TurquozeWelcome to Villa Turquoze, a modern and contemporary haven offering a stunning vista of the turquoise sea and the islands of Pinel and Tintamarre.$887/nt.448
Turtle Nest - Turtlenest Villa Turtle NestTurtle Nest's vibrant tropical garden entry sets the stage for a specular Caribbean view.$1750/nt.448

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