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PhotoVilla NameSummaryDestinationLocationFROMBDBASLSQFTSTFAccessibleA/CBHFTChefKIDSCookGOLFInternetJCZIPoolWRFT
10 Plaza Carlota - Catalinas Assorted 10 Plaza Carlota10 Plaza Carlota is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment located on the ground floor of Plaza Carlota with a private plunge pool.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$600/nt.226
12A Calle Cartagena Flats - Fca C Ad 0 D A B Eb 2 E F 5 D 9 12A Calle Cartagena FlatsThis flat is in Las Catalinas, a town that embraces freedom.Costa RicaGuanacaste$500/nt.226
24 Plaza Carlota - E F D Eeb 5 C E 3 D D 1 Fc F 24 Plaza CarlotaA living space, dining room, and kitchen all sit in the center of the home, naturally bringing guests together.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$500/nt.224
3 Calle Cartagena - Clr 3 Calle CartagenaPeace and relaxation are easy to come by in this bright and airy 3 bedroom home.Costa RicaGuanacaste$800/nt.336
36 Plaza Carlota - B 0 Ff 8 F A B 6 D 6 Ae Fa 5 E Fa 9 Ab 3 36 Plaza CarlotaFrom its privileged vantage point on the third floor of Plaza Carlota, this warm and inviting condo in Las Catalinas offers unparalleled ocean views from its private, large rooftop terrace.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$600/nt.226
41 Plaza Central - The Penthouse - Screenshot 1 41 Plaza Central - The PenthouseThis three bedroom four and a half bathroom penthouse is able to fit a small family of 6 or 3 couples traveling together.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1000/nt.336
9 Calle la Ronda - Clr 9 Calle la RondaSurrounded on one side with the walkable, bike-friendly street of Calle La Ronda and Avenida la Antigua on the other, this home brings family right into the heart of town, with the safety to play, bike, and explore free from cars.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$800/nt.337
Brushstrokes at Belizean Cove Estates Brushstrokes at Belizean Cove EstatesCasual island flairBelizeAmbergris Caye$1100/nt.336
Caribbean Soul at Belizean Cove Estates - Belize Villas Belizean Cove Estates 4 Caribbean Soul at Belizean Cove EstatesEnjoy spectacular views and incomparable luxury in this beachfront oasisBelizeAmbergris Caye$1100/nt.336
Casa Acuarela - A 2 A A 6 B A Ea 2 E B 5 Edcd 8 B B 3 Fb Casa AcuarelaCasa Acuarela is a 4 bedroom home that stands well integrated with the homes surrounding Plaza Celaje, just a few steps from the beach in the heart of Las Catalinas.Costa RicaGuanacaste$1100/nt.4412
Casa Blanca - Catalinas Cc 2 Casa BlancaLife in Casa Blanca feels as if you were in a dainty sailing boat, its soothing white color echoing the sails of a luxury vessel and blue notes here and there reminding you that the sea can be looked from everywhere in this fabulous villa in Las Catalinas.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1500/nt.448
Casa Brewer Casa BrewerThis house is located in Las Catalinas, a new walkable beach town on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1950/nt.6712
Casa Brisa - B E 3 Ec E Cbd 1 Cdddf Cfc F E 1 Casa BrisaCasa Brisa overlooks lively streets in the heart of Beach Town, Las Catalinas, with spacious terraces on three sides of the home that overlook lively streets, and an open-air courtyard that provides a connection to the outdoors.Costa RicaGuanacaste$1100/nt.448
Casa Cazenovia - Casa 8 Hidden Casa CazenoviaThis four-bedroom home is a modern, fresh and bright unit with an amazing pool just steps away from the beach.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1100/nt.448
Casa Cielo - Casa Casa CieloCasa Cielo is a three-story, three-bedroom home located in the heart of Beach Town at Las Catalinas, perfect for a family or group of friends.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1000/nt.336
Casa Colina - Puntapencagallery 2 Casa ColinaTaking advantage of its west-facing position overlooking town, mountains, and Playa Danta, Casa Colina embraces the beauty of the Guanacaste coast throughout every aspect of the home from tranquil mornings to vivid sunsets.Costa RicaGuanacaste$1800/nt.5610
Casa De Colores Casa De ColoresThe friendly, cheerful spirit of Las Catalinas and surrounding natural world come to life in a vibrant blend of colors and design in Casa Colores.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$400/nt.4410
Casa De Los Suenos - Floyd Home Casa De Los SuenosCasa De Los Suenos is a beautiful five-bedroom home located on Calle Virginia located very close to the Beach Club as well as the beach.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1500/nt.5512
Casa De Suenos - Casa Suenos Casa De SuenosCasa de Sueños is an incredible 8,059 sq.ft private executive retreat built and staffed specifically for the entertainment of family, friends, or both large and small corporate outings.Costa RicaJaco$1950/nt.81018
Casa del Alba - Casa L Casa del AlbaCasa del Alba is a classy, four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom house featuring a high-class gourmet kitchen, spacious indoor areas, and an outdoor dining table overlooking the irresistible private swimming pool.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$800/nt.448
Casa Indigo - Eb 7 Cd Ce Ea A D A 9 F Addb 6 C Casa IndigoFresh décor and tropical art piecesCosta RicaGuanacaste Coast$800/nt.448
Casa Mar y Sol - Casa Mar Y Sol 1 Casa Mar y SolThis seven-bedroom home sleeps, 18 guests. With two master suites and a bunk room that sleeps six, the house is perfect for large groups.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1400/nt.7618
Casa Maya + Apartment (5 Bedroom) - Costarica Lascatalinas Casamaya 3 Casa Maya + Apartment (5 Bedroom)Casa Maya is a five bedroom home characterized by the civilization for which it is named, featuring textiles, hieroglyphics, and décor that embody and pay tribute to Mayan culture.Costa RicaGuanacaste$1400/nt.5514
Casa Mira Mar - Pplacd 8 Huwb 1 Yebn 2 Fjk Md 9 Hnmgkqixih 9 Nf 1 Kps Casa Mira MarCasa Mira Mar is a three-bedroom/three-bathroom, ocean-view home located in the heart of Las Catalinas.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$800/nt.337
Casa Oasis - Aerea Casa OasisLocated above Los Suenos a popular Eco Golf Course, this five-bedroom, luxury estate home is just minutes from Los Suenos Marina.Costa RicaJaco$1500/nt.5410
Casa Oceano - Front 1 Casa OceanoCasa Oceano is a true beachfront villa - a marriage of sea, sand, oceanfront infinity pool and luxurious accommodations.Costa RicaTango Mar$2514/nt.6412
Casa Pacifica - Los Suenos - Casa Pacifica 1 Casa Pacifica - Los SuenosCasa Pacifica is an incredible 5,000-square-foot, private, executive retreat, built and staffed specifically for the entertainment of family, friends, or both large and small corporate outings.Costa RicaJaco$1400/nt.5512
Casa Pacifica - Punta Penca - D Ac 1 E Eaff E 0 Ff 6 D 5 Bfa D F 3 Bbddc Casa Pacifica - Punta PencaRelax in your tropical paradise at Casa Pacifica, located in Punta Penca.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1800/nt.5511
Casa Paraiso - Paraiso Casa ParaisoMagnificent five-bedroom villa, with breathtaking views of the coastline!Costa RicaManuel Antonio$1100/nt.5512
Casa Patron - Casapatron Aerea 3 Casa PatronCasa Patron is an intriguing, split-level home, designed for large families, corporate clients and large parties that want a central location with private amenities, located just above Colinas.Costa RicaJaco$1400/nt.6512
Casa Pelicano - N 1 1 Casa PelicanoThis beautiful home is colorful in design and is decorated with authentic pieces from Costa Rican artists.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$2250/nt.7720
Casa Plumeria - Cf 0 Ca 1 E B Cf De E Casa PlumeriaCasa Plumeria is an elegant house spanning three floors on Calle Virginia, with expansive views of the sea, beach club, and town, as well as indoor/outdoor living and a subtle sophistication in each of its 4 bedrooms.Costa RicaGuanacaste$1300/nt.4410
Casa Puesta del Sol - Foto Copy Casa Puesta del SolCasa Puesta del Sol is a beautiful, five-bedroom home, located in the mountaintop neighborhood of Vista Tres Bahias in Los Sueños Resort.Costa RicaJaco$1500/nt.5610
Casa Ramon - Costarica Casaramon Casa RamonCasa Ramon is an exclusive and luxurious vacation rental home in the South Pacific enclave that redefines Coastal Living in Costa Rica.Costa RicaDominical$416/nt.61114
Casa Seren Casa SerenCasa Seren is a luxury oceanfront villa with both blue and white water views.Costa RicaDominical$1020/nt.336
Casa Sonrisa - At Night Casa SonrisaCasa Sonrisa is a nature-lover’s paradise. Located on Paseo del Mar, it’s just a few steps away from Playa Danta and overlooks the lush green Monkey Corridor.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1000/nt.448
Castillo del Mar - Ea 9 Cc 1 F D 3 Dade C 5 Bc F A F D Castillo del MarCastillo del Mar is a beachfront home with six bedrooms, diverse social and living spaces, and beach access from the home’s front gate.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1950/nt.6618
Celaje - Casa 3 CelajeSteps away from Playa Danta, this lovely three-bedroom, three-bathroom home is the perfect spot for families looking for a place to relax and have a good time!Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1000/nt.336
Cielo Mar - Dji As Smart Object 1 Ped 1 Cielo MarCielo Mar is located in Peninsula Papagayo, a private luxury resort sanctuary that jots out into the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica's north-west province of Guanacaste.Costa RicaPeninsula Papagayo$4857/nt.68128500
Diosa del Mar - Pool Diosa del MarIf you are looking for a private Costa Rica gateway with beach access, exquisite ocean views and tranquil gardens, do not look further.Costa RicaGuanacaste$3158/nt.5510
Harmon Estate in Los Suenos Resort - Casa Harmon Harmon Estate in Los Suenos ResortThis 5,000-square-foot estate home is filled with imported marble, granite, handcrafted tile and carver wood.Costa RicaJaco$1500/nt.6712
La Perla - Villa La PerlaLocated in the exclusive neighborhood of Altamira, just above the Marina, Villa La Perla features breath taking ocean and Marina vistas as well as an excellent central location.Costa RicaJaco$1800/nt.4410
Maravilla - Star Villas MaravillaThis gorgeous villa is situated on a hillside overlooking the Gulf of Papagayo and the panoramic views are simply sensational. 'Maravilla' aptly earns its name because in Spanish 'maravilla' means “marvelous” and that’s exactly what this exquisite villa is!Costa RicaGuanacaste CoastAsk5712
Pinita - B Ef D A Bca E E Ba Dcc 1 PinitaCasa Pinita is surrounded by pedestrian streets in the heart of Las Catalinas, a beach town where visitors of all ages can share time on Playa Danta, along mountainside tropical trails, in shops, and at restaurants without ever getting in a car.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$800/nt.4310
Royal Belize - RoyalBelize Royal BelizeCross the threshold to a world free from constraints where imagination flows with creativity.BelizeDangriga$6500/nt.6616
Solemar at Belizean Cove Estates Solemar at Belizean Cove EstatesMemorable sunrises and a beautiful view of the seaBelizeAmbergris Caye$1100/nt.338
Stu Casa - Stucasa Stu CasaStuCasa, a spacious beachfront house, features fabulous ocean views, six bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms and accommodates up to twelve guests.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1800/nt.6712
Sweet Bocas - Villa And Pool House Sweet BocasSweet Bocas is an architecturally stunning, handcrafted villa that floats off the shore of its own private island in Panama’s Caribbean waters.PanamaBocas Del ToroAsk9918
Teja TejaIt’s easy to lose track of time at Casa Teja.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1000/nt.448
The Villa Mariana - Tvm 6 Entrance The Villa MarianaThe Villa Mariana is an architect's dream come true.Costa RicaManuel Antonio$849/nt.448
Villa Del Mar at Belizean Cove Estates Villa Del Mar at Belizean Cove EstatesUnsurpassed luxury and comfortBelizeAmbergris Caye$1100/nt.338
Villa Del Sol - Af Ae F 3 Dbf Addebbb F 8 Fae B F 4 Villa Del SolVilla del Sol is a 4-bedroom, 5-bath home that sleeps 12 with stunning ocean and sunset views, an infinity edge pool, seamless indoor/outdoor open-plan living and a roof deck.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$1100/nt.4512
Villa Estrella - Sv Villa EstrellaThis all-inclusive villa is located in the exclusive beachside community of Ocotal, in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, overlooking the Gulf of Papagayo and the Pacific Ocean.Costa RicaGuanacaste Coast$5/nt.8822
Villa Suenos Pacificos - Casa Suenos Pacificos Villa Suenos PacificosThis truly magnificent private home, located in "Las Olas" community, offers stunning panoramic ocean views of Dominical and Manuel Antonio to the north and the Osa Peninsula to the south.Costa RicaDominical$1310/nt.346
Vista Hermosa Estate - A 1 B 9 Ee D D 9 F F B 2 Da 9 E 0 Mv 2 D S 2 1 Vista Hermosa EstateThis magnificent estate overlooking Playa Espadilla is built in a jungle setting and encompassed by natural Costa Rican vegetationCosta RicaManuel Antonio$2271/nt.81024
Watina at Belizean Cove Estates Watina at Belizean Cove EstatesBeautifully decorated with local carvings, sculpture and oil paintings for a wonderful island feelBelizeAmbergris Caye$1100/nt.336

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