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Passion for Travel

We love to travel and we love to share. A genuine passion for cycling fueled our inception and now this passion continues to fuel our vision. We believe that travel should be more than business, it should be a way of life. For us, travel is not indulging, it is engaging with people, cultures, and destinations that are foreign to our own.


The opportunity to explore and discover should be available to more than just a few. We offer quality and economy and our partners are as passionate as we are. They know their own backyards and love to walk you through them. As a marketplace, we can offer many choices, to many different types of travelers, to many destinations, and we stand by each and every one.

Customer Service

We are travelers helping travelers. In the office, we have seasoned travelers and those who have only one or two stamps in their passports. We have those who want every detail ironed out before they go and others who go with the flow. We understand. From giving personal advice before you depart to providing assistance when you are traveling, we are dedicated to making your journey as seamless as possible. Service is at the heart of everything we do and everything we are.
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Tour Types

Bike + Barge

Our bike and barge tours throughout Europe are the best way to travel and will be an experience you will never forget! The bike is your means to pedal the back roads of countries and cultures and the boat is your unique accommodations throughout your tour.

Bike + Hotel

Our bike tours in Europe, Asia, and beyond are as varied as you are. We have self-guided, guided, and supported bicycle tours, with most now offering the electric bike option.

Hiking + Walking

It is a walk through time, a venture through the rugged, and a cultural, historical, and culinary experience. As you trek the trails and paths of the ancients, Europe's amazing landscapes, not accessible by any car or tourist bus, unfold before you.

Discovery Cruises

We are excited to announce that we are now offering discovery cruises in Europe and beyond, but not your typical cruise. Our adventure cruise selection is handpicked, featuring unique onboard experiences, expeditions, cultural aspects, food & wine, and more!

About Us

Tripsite is your comprehensive marketplace for active holidays in Europe, Asia, and beyond, showcasing hundreds of tours for the adventurous vacationer, including bike and boat tours, bike tours, hiking adventures, small ship cruises, birdwatching, and multi-adventure experiences!

Offering a diverse portfolio, we have tours to fit any budget, from luxury to value, and tours to suit any interest, including history, culture, and gastronomy. Custom-made tours are possible as well!

Founded in 1999, we are still family-owned and operated. Our focus then, and our focus now, is to share our love of travel, and to help you find the perfect tour for you.


New and Featured Tours

Famous cliffs in Étretat, Normandy, France. Unsplash:Ilnur Kalimullin

New Trip: Seine River Valley E-Bike & Boat

8 days from €3520

New Trip: Seine River Valley E-Bike & Boat

Easy Bike + Boat Tour in France

This electric bike and boat tour follows the Seine River as it meanders in picturesque in wide loops through the Ile de France and Normandy, connecting Paris with the sea. It is a region that has…

Along the Lauch River, Colmar is part of the <i>Alsatian Wine Route</i> in France. Flickr:Kiefer 48.079051, 7.358235

New Trip: Rhine River Valley E-Bike & Boat

8 days from €3470

New Trip: Rhine River Valley E-Bike & Boat

Easy Bike + Boat Tour in Germany, France, Switzerland

Following the course of the Rhine River, this e-bike and boat tour is a relaxed way of experiencing the culture and natural landscapes of Germany, France, and Switzerland. 'Rhine' comes from the…

Château de Chenonceau over the Cher River, Loire Valley, France. CC:Ra-smit 47.32500048293668, 1.070783295635198

New Trip: Guided Castles of the Loire

8 days from €2409

New Trip: Guided Castles of the Loire

Easy Bike Tour in France

Cycling in Loire Valley is the ideal holiday. The wonderful atmosphere of this 8-day trip is created by one of the last wild rivers in Europe, and the idyllic landscape of its tributaries and lakes.

Monschau, Germany on the Four Countries Bike Tour. Flickr:Gunter Hentschel 50.553493, 6.243153

Featured Trip: Four Countries Rails to Trails E-Bike Tour

9–15 days from €2440

Featured Trip: Four Countries Rails to Trails E-Bike Tour

Easy Bike Tour in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg

Here in the west, we are very familiar with the Rails to Trails movement and know that is a lovely cycling experience. Now, we offer this European version through four countries featuring lovely and…

Cologne, Germany. Flickr:Ed Webster 50.950884, 6.927223

Featured Trip: Münster to Cologne

8 days from €1104

Featured Trip: Münster to Cologne

Easy Bike + Boat Tour in Germany

We are very excited when we find itineraries that are not on most people's radar and this is one of them. From the landscape of the tranquil Münsterland with fairytale moated castles and splendid…

Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain. Flickr:Jose Luis Cernadas Iglesias

New Trip: French Way Camino de Santiago E-Bike Tour

8 days from €1883

New Trip: French Way Camino de Santiago E-Bike Tour

Easy–Moderate Bike Tour in Spain

This incredible tour by electric bike follows the final stretch of the French Way of the Camino de Santiago. The entire French Way is five hundred miles, beginning in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in…

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