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Tripsite is your one source for hundreds of bike tours, bike and boat tours, and many other cycling vacations catering to every type of cyclist. We are a family owned and operated business, we truly love cycling, and we focus on the total experience.

We take great pride in offering you the best services possible, providing you with an adventure you will never forget. It is our mission that you fall in love all over again with your bike and with travel. Combining the two is what Tripsite is all about!

Check out our varied portfolio of bike and barge tours, self guided bike tours, guided tours, tours based in one hotel, and even river cruises! Our prices are the lowest on the market and we've managed to keep them that way without sacrificing quality.

Bike + Barge Tours

Bike + Boat Tours

We have perhaps the largest online catalogue of well established Europe bike and boat tours and sailing holidays. If it's your first trip of this kind, a good place to start is our bike and barge tours in the Netherlands or our bike and barge tours in Germany. We have a wide range of boats available to fit any budget.

Bike Tours

Bike Tours + Trips

Bicycle touring in Europe and beyond--cycle your next vacation almost anywhere in Europe from our carefully selected catalogue of bike tours. Whether you cycle Europe with a standard bicycle or an e-bike (electrically assisted bicycle), one of our cycling tours is bound to be right for you.

Charters & Groups

Charters + Groups

​Ask us​ about planning your special group event! Make your next bike trip an exclusive vacation of cherished memories and comraderie. Whether you want to charter a barge with a custom bike tour or put together a similar tailored land itinerary, we can make it happen.

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