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Bike Europe and Beyond

Tripsite specializes in European cycling tours, Bike & Boat Tours, Road Bike Tours and now River Cruises throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.  We take great pride in offering you the best services possible and in providing you with a vacation that will be fondly remembered. Whether it be a Europe bike tour, river cruise, or one of many other cycling vacations, our dedicated staff will do everything to plan your dream holiday. To assist us in providing you the best cycle tour in Europe, we have become an Austrian Certified Travel Specialist, an Irish and Wales Travel Specialist, a Holland Travel Professional as well as a Switzerland Network Certified Specialist and of course, a member of the League of American Bicyclists. Our bike tour prices are the lowest on the market and we've managed to keep them that way without sacrificing quality. We hope you'll let us take you on one of our many European cycling tours and now river cruise adventures!

What We Offer

  • Bike + Barge/Boat Trips
    We have perhaps the largest online catalogue of well established Europe bike boat tours and sailing holidays.  
  • Luxe Barge Tours
    Take a Bike & Boat cycle tour on a more luxurious ship!  A cycling tour in Europe with a beautiful boat by your side is not to be missed.
  • Bike Europe and Beyond
    Bicycle touring in Europe and beyond--cycle your next vacation almost anywhere in Europe from our carefully selected catalogue of bike tours. Recently we have also added a few American bike tours as well as bike tours in Vietnam. Whether you cycle Europe with a standard bicycle or an e-bike (electrically asssisted bicyle), one of our cycling tours is bound to be right for you.
  • Road Bike Tours
    Cycle Europe and experience one of our great new Europe road bike tours!  These bicycle tours in Europe (and now one in New Zealand as well)  are intended for the more experienced cyclist that is not afraid of the long hilly distances through stunning countryside.
  • River Cruises
    We now offer river cruises throughout the world's most famous waterways.  Whether it be one of many Europe River Cruises or a river cruise in China, one of our sailings is bound to entice you.
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